DIY Arduboy clone Kit

(Mr Catfood) #1

Cheers Guys!

In the past weeks I’ve been working on a clone. I started it as a breadboard project. Then I was soldering it together on a perfboard but it was really messy, but as a software developer, I never made PCBs before. So I learned the basics and designed a simple diy board. The goal was to make it really simple to assemble. So simple that I only need to solder the 6 buttons, a pro micro, and the screen.

The PCBs arrived today, and I quickly tested them and they seems fine. Currently I’m waiting for a new screen to test it out fully (I broke the previous one).

I will keep you updated about the progress.
PS. I’m also working on a game.

Here are some pics from the project.

(Simon) #2

What size screen ae you gong with? Maybe one of those 2.4" beasts?

(Mr Catfood) #3

1.3" for now

(Simon) #4

Its looking good. What is the game?

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(Mr Catfood) #5

i will post a demo in a couple of weeks

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