DIY Arduboy Contest Judging

Judge the DIY Arduboy Contest!

Pick 2 of your favorite projects, reference this scoring guide when making your selections:

  • Project Documentation (30 points)
  • Complete BOM (10 points)
  • Schematics (10 points)
  • Code & Contribution (20 points)
  • Creativity (30 points)

Bonus Points:

  • New Microcontroller (30 points)
  • Custom PCB (20 points)

The results of this poll will then be presented to Hackster Judges who will then make any final adjustments to the ranking. The results of this poll DO NOT determine the final winners.

Please leave comments about the projects you liked, feedback for other users or notes about how the contest process went for you. Thank you so much for everyone that participated in the contest! I’m absolutely blown away by the creativity shown by the submissions!

Happy Voting!

Some amazing projects in there!

Lots of cool projects there. Hard to pick just 2.

Just wondering the contest page says 41 submissions. But I count 38 above. Any missing or where there some incomplete /disqualified entries ?

Even harder to pick just 2!

For sheer detail, the Arduboy Projector project is amazing.


Yeah! it really adds the retro in retro gaming :smiley:

My comment about picking 2 is that you only can pick 2 (not 3)!

Love the detail and creativity of the buttonless one!


I actually intended people to get 3 votes but accidently set it to 2 and would have had to reset the poll.

I think to give people a 3rd vote here is a list of the projects that are eligible for bonus points for using a different display or a different processor.

Again, these rankings don’t determine the winner, they are just influencing the final judging decisions made by Hackster.

I think you have allowed people to pick more than 1 extra - I can select all 11!

Oh boy, I reset it. Try again now.


@bateske Does the Arduboy CE qualify here by using the larger 2.42” OLED via SSD1309?

Ah I guess it’s probably not different enough, looking at the other entries there. No worries :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s display is unique enough.

It doesn’t really count because it can be done with using the board package, the idea of the bonus points is about creating a new interface.

Too many choices give me anxiety lol. All the projects look great imo!

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If it helps, you can just vote for mine?

The Desktop Arduboy (VGA1306 Plus NES Controller)

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This reminds me of an incident from a few years ago…

Back in 2016, the British public were asked to vote on what the name of a new arctic research vessel should be. The result of the vote was that the vessel’s new name was to be “Boaty McBoatface”.

Naturally the people in charge decided to throw out the general public’s vote and name the ship “RSS Sir David Attenborough” instead (which was actually only the fourth most popular choice).

There’s a moral in there somewhere, but I’m not sure what it is.


Why would the Brits want the boat to have such an obviously Scottish name?

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Surely you mean “Why would the English…”. :P
The Welsh and Northern Irish don’t hate the Scots last time I checked, and Scots are (for now at least) technically British.

‘Mc’ and ‘Mac’ are found in surnames of Irish origin too. It’s a Gaelic thing.
Maybe they conspired together to flood the ballot? :P

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