DIY ArduBoy + ESP32 TTGO T8?

Hi all,

I am new to this community but am loving seeing other peoples projects.

I have a question of my own: I was wondering is it possible to use this board to build an ArduBoy handheld?

The reason I would use this board is as it has a built-in lipo charger so this would eliminate the need for extra parts. I would look to pair it with the 2.4inch OLED screen. Would the more powerful ESP32 chip remove the need to include a Serial flash expansion chip?

If I couldn’t use the ESP board I would use an Arduino Pro Micro, I found this chip would connecting this in some way allow for the expansion package?

Thanks :slight_smile:

There are a number of ESP projects on the go in the forum including this one:

Will it work? Yes. Is it easier with a Leonardo as your base? Yes.


you need to know a couple of things. i did something similar. the esp32 will not get 520kb of ram. its like 320kb (the rest is for instructions you can override it but nobody tells you how) . the 320kb is separated into 160 kb pieces AAANND the 160kb are not single slabs. its something like 96kb pieces for as the biggest slice so when you make a big array for a screen buffer it says no and arduino will laugh at you and give you a error .

you can barely get a buffer the size for 2bit for 160 x 120 screen. so if your thinking about making a arduboy advance just use lge. do not do as i am doing. then come here and complain about lges max game size. it will compliment me complaining about the real arduboy not having a 128 x 96 screen

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