Diy arduboy not working pls help

I followed this :point_down:t2: for a pro micro and a 1.3inch display with ssd1306 controller Production Arduboy Schematic
uploaded a game code from arduboy website, but all I see is a bunch of lines and nothing. Please help me. I also tried Mr blinkys package but still did not work.

Please don’t multi-post the same message in multiple topics. I’ve deleted your duplicate in the other topic.

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I assume you mean a SSD1306 controller.

If it’s actually a 1.3 inch display, are you sure it has a SSD1306 controller? Most 1.3 inch modules have a SH1106 controller. The SSD1306 is common on 0.96 inch modules but almost none existent on 1.3 inch modules. (You can get a 1.3 inch display with a SSD1306 as a bare display and flex cable, though, without the PCB and support components.)

ok sorry for that
it was urgent

this one I brought it from this site it said SSD1306

Then you’ve found a very rare product or the Driver IC specification is incorrect.

You might try using @Mr.Blinky’s package with SH1106 selected, to see if it makes a difference.

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Thank you for your kind reply
will try that
as you have mentioned it might be a incorrect specification

Please note the review comments in the product link you provided. Most are saying it has a SH1106 controller.

Thank you very much
You are right
I should have checked that before troubling you.
sorry if I have troubled you


Not a problem. It’s a common mistake. Glad to help.

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Sorry for disturbing again is there any way we can use one of these
to you know play arduboy games from it (use it as a flash cart)

This did not work I have tried
pls help me with what to do now.

As far as I know, nobody has written any code that allows the use of an SD card for loading games.

I’ve never tried using a SH1106 based display myself, so I’m not sure what those symptoms indicate. It appears that you have some communication to initialise the display, otherwise it would remain blank. I can’t recommend anything other that rechecking your wiring and making sure you’ve selected a SH1106 display when compiling.

Hopefully @Mr.Blinky or someone else with more experience with SH1106 displays can help.

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If you use Arduino and the homemade package you can recompile games for the SH1106, but you cannot load HEX files directly.

Make sure you do not keep the Arduboy2 library in the arduino directory, the homemade package includes the library to be modified at the time of compile.



Thank you for your quick reply
what is the best compatible display with arduboy library
you know like plug and play

ok tank you for your help

The 0.96 inch OLED displays usually have the SSD1306 controller. You need one with an SPI interface and it’s best to get one with 7 pins (that includes RES, DC and CS).

The only 1.3 inch display I know of with a SSD1306 is the one from Adafruit. It’s quite expensive, and it has to be changed from I²C to SPI (by cutting two trace jumpers), but has the proper level converters for a 5V system.

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ok thank you very much
sorry if I have troubled you

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Sorry for disturbing you again I bought a 0.93-inch display and it worked really well.

I have bought one of these :point_up:t2:
if you don’t mind can you give me the instructions about how to connect this to the basic setup
and how to flash cames to it.

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