DIY Arduboy - problem with SH1106 screen

(Pavlov Roman) #42

I think that I have problems with Arduino IDE, the device itself worked and was not subjected to any damage.
The problems started when I started using another computer.
There is some sort of special sequence for setting up the Arduino IDE for the Homemade Package to work correctly?


There only requirement besides installing the homemade package is that no Arduboy libraries must be installed manually or through the library manager.

For your Arduclone. you should select Homemade Arduboy board and then based on Arduino Leonardo (or sparkfun Pro micro 5V standard wiring) and display SH1106 from the tools menu.


Just to rule out any software setup issues, here’s a hex file of Castleboy for use with use with standard wiring with a SH1106 display. I’ve confirmed this wiring up a ProMicro with the wiring you use.

It was build using Arduino IDE 1.8.7 and HomeMade package 1.2.5