DIY Arduboy using leonardo

I want to make an arduboy clone using arduino leonardo and I²C ssd1306 oled display
How can I do it?

Well, for starters, check out the Arduboy production schematics, they have all the wiring you will need: Production Arduboy Schematic

Next, the software, you can find tutorials everywhere, this has been discussed by the forum in many places. I recommend using @Mr.Blinky 's package (you must use “alternate wiring” though), all the instructions are in the Github page: GitHub - MrBlinky/Arduboy-homemade-package: Arduino IDE board package for Arduboy and homemade versions making things easy

Also, diy Arduboys have been discussed many many times in this forum so please read the threads.

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Also, don’t use I²C screen. It’s way to slow for an Arduboy. You must use an SPI one. (preferably a 7-pin SPI OLED)

You can use i2c for a number of simple games without too much lag, but largely seems to depend on how much is being drawn to the screen. So things like Pong are going to run better than things like Catacombs of the Damned. It’s definitely a better idea to go with SPI, but it’s been done with i2c a few times by others. They’re just not as capable arduboys.

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I wanted to use spi but it’s not available here

I didn’t even want to diy arduboy. I wanted to buy it but it’s not available here

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It worked thanks!

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I am able to run ardutosh without any lag on 1²C display

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I wouldn’t expect it to, a lot is being drawn but not a lot is being updated to the screen super fast in that program. You’ll only see issues with faster paced games really. Try Starduino, catacombs of the damned, or ardubullets & you should get some lag (if you’re after it) :slight_smile:

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Ok i will try catacombs.

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Idk how but catacombs is also working without lag or fps drop. Its smooth


This is my arduboy


Nice! I guess it isn’t that taxing after all lol