DIY Arduboy using Teensy 2.0

Recently I discovered that the Teensy 2.0 can be bought on Aliexpress for $7.50 or less. It’s not as cheap as Pro Micro ‘Big chip’ you can get for $3.60 but a good alternative if want to make an fully compatible Arduboy clone and you’re not good at soldering tiny wires. The Teensy 2.0 has all the I/O pins broken out that are used by Arduboy.

There are no Power, Rx and Tx LEDs. This is good for making a low power Arduboy. But if you want the Rx and Tx LEDs you can add them as the required pins are broken out.

The Teensy 2.0 uses a mini USB connector instead of micro USB. It comes with a short mini USB cable though.

The Teensy 2.0 uses a non CDC class Bootloader. So you’ll need to reflash the bootloader using another Arduino or an ISP programmer like an USBasp.

Here’s a picture of how things should be wired:

If you’re planning on using a lipo battery for power, here’s how you can wire a TP4056 charging module:


However, it appears that there’s an LED on D6, assigned to OLED CS. Since this pin is normally held low on the Arduboy, this LED would be off, but if you added the flash chip mod, it would come on whenever the flash chip is accessed.


Yes. Forgot to mention that. It’s kind of cool though having a flash activity LED