Diy fx Schematic help

I would like some help getting this schematic figured out. I’m a noob when it comes to hardware and I would love if someone could tell me if this is wired correctly before I order parts. Specifically i’m wondering if the oled and flash chip are wired together correctly and if that volume pot will work for a piezo speaker.

Thanks in advance.

So just from a quick glance some potential issues:

  • The volume pot wires going to pins 2 and 3 need to be swapped
  • The rgb led green channel resistor end is floating (not sure if intentional)
  • The flash chip’s clock and digital output (DO) pins are not wired to anything, they are required for the chip to work
  • The usb c port’s cc pins are floating (this one isn’t strictly an issue if you use a dumb charger that always outputs 5v but if you want them to work with all chargers then iirc you need termination resistors, google reference schematics for wiring usb c ports). Additionally only one set of data pins are connected, this means the cable will only connect the arduboy to a computer in one orientation but not if you flip the plug (easy fix is to connect dp1+dp2 and dn1+dn2). Finally the shell of the connector should connect to ground.
  • The micro usb connector’s shell should also be grounded and it’s vcc pin connected to vcc.
  • Power SS-12D06 switch is wired to short output straight to ground when the console is off (very bad situation). Disconnect ground from pin 3!

Hopefully this helps.


Had a quick look aswell and noticed:

  • the power switch in position 2-3 shorts the output of the TP4056 module to ground.
  • The RGB LED seems to be a common cathode instead of common Anode ( the common pin is connected to GND instead of VCC)

Can’t say much about the pro micro wiring. The symbols are unreadable to me.


From my understanding, using the standard wiring (which i should have mentioned i’m using in the first post) doesnt support the green led.

Ok I think I fixed the issues. and I appreciate yalls help with this.

Thanks again, I finally got it going after some tribulations but its working great now.
Definitely some things I’ll change for a rev2 pcb though. I accidently had the oled swapped backwards so I had to jumper each pin to the opposite side. also my base and emitter on the pnp were backwards but I just installed it upside down to fix it.

Having alot of fun with it, cant wait to start programming some games.