DIY wooden and leather arduboy :D

hi there! just wanted to share my diy arduboy (pro micro, 1.3" display (sh1106) and alternative wiring
also made a little wooden casem with a leather front and leather buttons
i’m still working on the front part, really want it to leave only the screen visible but for now i’m really happy with how it looks and fells, even the size fells really confy on my hands (have some problems on them and small things make them hurt a lot)

and here some photos! :smiley:

the stitching on the leather is because i recycled some from an old failed leather work i made, but i kinda like the way it looks, so soon maybe i’ll make a new front piece, with better stitching and only leaving the screen uncovered :smiley:


Interesting to use leather over the buttons.

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it’s a simplified d-pad, i made a little pivot on the middle of both with some little squares of leather and glue them to the board between the buttons
that way it’s easier to press the cross and A and B
(and looks better, cuz the buttons looks horrible the way i put them hahah)

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Flintduino or Flintstoneboy :smiley:

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Flintduino sounds funny :smiley:

Hey Diego! Good to run into you on here :slight_smile:

heyy!! super glad to see you around here! :smiley:

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