DMGBOY - Karpe Diem

Presenting my working, most likely not final version of my version of the Arduboy.
I designed it to use the DMG Gameboy buttons because I got kind of annoyed with the clicking of the momentary push buttons. This was my first time designing a circuit board that wasn’t an LED badge. I used Eagle for the PCB. This was also my first time using Fusion 360 to design anything, so that was also a learning process. It’s been super cool learning something that I like, when I find the time away from calculus class, and work >.<. I wish this was what I was learning in school, ha. Anyway, For going from knowing about nothing about any of that to making something that I can actually hold and play with that I made pretty much all of, and printed myself, in a short amount of time…I just can’t describe how cool it is to me. Super thankful for the community here, @Mr.Blinky and @crait and everyone else, and the wealth of knowledge available on the internets. I hope I can give back and add something that someone finds useful, eventually.

I accidentally set RST on the arduino to RST on the OLED, which wasn’t what I wanted, so I had to break that connection. nbd.

I used a great tutorial from Adafruit to get the case to clip together. I thought that was pretty nifty.


Looks cool, although I would arrange the A/B buttons differently. The form factor is nice, gives some retro feeling. How big is the screen?

Yeah, I actually was going thinner on the case, but I had to fit a fat piezo in there. Might still go smaller.
The screen is the 2.42in ssd1309.

I think the buttons are probably a bit too close to the edge,
and possibly the screen is a bit too high too,
but I like the idea of a larger screen and case.

I like the magikarp on the board.

They’re pretty comfy where they are, but I can see how they might look wonky in pics.

I guess it depends on how big your hands are and how you hold it.
I think I’d struggle with buttons that close to the edge.

It’s not so much that they look wonky,
just that there’s a big gap in the centre and hardly any gap on the sides.