Do I have an alternately wired Sparkfun Pro Micro?

On MrBlinky’s GitHub page for the homemade Arduboy, there are different sets of pinouts, including two for the Sparkfun version of the 5v/16mhz Pro Micro. My question is - how do I tell if I have the standard wiring or the alternate wiring?

Apologies of this has been asked before or covered on a different page - if it has been, I was unable to find it. Thank you all for this helpful community!

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The “alternative wiring” is how you wire the Pro Micro to the other parts (display, speaker, RGB LED, etc.), not how the Pro Micro itself is wired. The Pro Micro and clones all have the same pinout, as far as I know.


Aaahhhhh ok. That makes sense then why I couldn’t find any reference of the term “alternate wiring” except through homemade arduboy pages. Thanks so much!

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