Do-Nuts - A demo showing animated backgrounds


As member of TEAM a.r.g. this is our seventh demo.

You’re free to contribute and make the demo bigger, better, showing what can be done with Arduboy



TEAM a.r.g. Demo webpage:

PS: every animation is the same tile, but at a different step in the animation sequence.

IMPORTANT: Thanks to a known bug in the bootloader, this demo might lock your dev kit and arduboy, you’ll have to hard reset to upload an other sketch. here you can find out how: How to Reset the Dev Kit

(Scott) #2

Or maybe not, using Arduino IDE version 1.6.9 or higher.


From now on, this demo works for both ARDUBOY and DEVKIT.

You can use the board.txt way to set you desired device (or change it in Arglib.h)
Default is ARDUBOY



Just tested it with IDE 1.6.9 the bug is not solved

How to Reset Arduboy if it's Bricked

The UPLOAD BUG has been solved, also reworked the demo to work with Arduboy Library 2.


A new release with an .arduboy file will be ready soon


I made the new release available.