Do some games just auto save?

I am playing Dark & Under on the Arduboy FX and I am new-ish to these styles of games (homebrew and Gameboy-like) and I was just wondering if there is an auto save function since I don’t see a save option in the menu. I don’t want to lose my progress

Se had a couple of versions of D&U but assume yours has a save feature.

Press B to bring up the menu and then move the arrow (at the bottom of each menu option) to save.


Yeah my menu looks different than that. Instead of Save and Load like your screenshot has, mine shows the sword and shield

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If you want to replace your copy with the one that allows saving, you can get the saving version in the cart.

Was that the version that came pre-shipped on the FX?

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I also bought one and on my device it is the version without saving in the menu.
Kind regards Lost

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Oh … well you will want to learn how to flash a new copy of the FX cart to your devices. After Dark & Under II (inglorious grey-scale and much, much bigger) is coming soon.


Is there some mechanism to feedback to @bateske updates for his Gold Cart master…? :thinking:

It hasn’t been updated, the last production used files from 2021. It was a sacrifice to get production started a month faster. It was a boggle created by not being able to go with the usb-c.

Before the end of the year, hopefully before christmas I’m going to be updating the front page so it’s even easier to find the information to update your cart.

We’re hoping to have some success with web serial too so it can all be done from the website without having to install anything, but that’s in a “wait and see” status for now.