Do you have an Arduboy too much or want to make me Happy?

Hey you, yes you there :wave:,
do you have too much Arduboys or want to make other people happy?
Maybe you can send one to one of the people commenting this topic, me included, but first let me introduce myself to you:
Hi I am Jan a 19-Year old Student from Germany :de: and I started to code for Arduino :computer: and simple Java Apps 2 years ago and i enjoy it. In University I am studying Sport and Health because my other lovely Hobby is Calisthenics and Street Workout. I also like Pizza and reading good Books:smiley:
I found the Arduboy via Kickstarter and was blown away by the idea, the concept, form factor and what it is today. But because i only get 650€ in Month from Jobbing I don’t really have enough to buy me some cool stuff. Most of my Stuff is second Hand or borrowed from friends. I mean right now I am sitting in my neighbors garden using their WiFi to write from my best friends laptop…
But if you just thought: Hey maybe we could help Jan and somehow give him the opportunity to make his lovely dream of an Arduboy reality, or also to someone else write a nice, friendly PM to him after he introduced himself here. So in the End we are a community, just like a family, supporting each other in some ways.
Thank you that you’ve read my Text and maybe can help me or other people to get their lovely Arduboy :heart:
So now I have to go my friends waiting for his laptop :walking_man:t4:

The great thing about the arduboy is that if you want to make one all of the parts, software, and hardware design is readily available with lots of help from forum members. I’d guess that using the cheapest parts one could make a working arduboy clone on perf board for something like under $10. Maybe a nice member will even make and send you such an arduboy clone or point you in the right direction.


If you learn to program a game you can enter the next gam jam and try and win one. :slight_smile:


If you use sim-arduboy or ProjectABE, you can learn everything (except EEPROM) without even needing a 'boy.


I will have to enter the next jam somehow. I needed to get an arduboy to give one to my golf loving father with the Golf Companion loaded on it. :wink:


Did you mention ‘Golf Companion’ ? What a great concept!


…might need to get him one of these to run it on! :smile: