Do you like Broccoli?

I dislike broccoli.


This reminds me of a story someone told me in school about an orange that smells and tastes like a banana.

(And possibly also looked like a banana, despite actually being an orange…)


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I thought this thread was one for making bold statements.

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Fun Fact: Broccoli is kinda my favorite vegetable

Do you like Broccoli?

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  • No

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Actually I dislike brussel sprouts more.

Where is @JO3RI to tell us it’s “brussels” sprouts?

I like them if they are drenched in butter.

Do you like Brussels Sprouts?

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So it is … but you know what? I wouldn’t eat even one.

I have found out that in Dutch the town in Belgium we are talking about is spelt ‘Brussel’ (with no s). As Dutch was the original language of the town, I feel I can rightly claim that ‘Brussel Sprouts’ is just as valid as ‘Brussels Sprouts’. For me, it even sounds better!

I should think anyone from an EU country (or former EU country) would be able to tell you that it’s “Brussels”, because they’re named after a certain city which all EU (or former EU) countries would know well.

According to Wikipedia, French became more dominant in Brussels because:

Dutch — of which standardization in Belgium was still very weak — could not compete with French, which was the exclusive language of the judiciary, the administration, the army, education, high culture and the media. The value and prestige of the French language was so universally acknowledged that after 1880, and more particularly after the turn of the century, proficiency in French among Dutch-speakers increased spectacularly.

Brussels is the exceptional case though, Belgium as a whole speaks more Dutch (or at least dialects of Dutch) than French.

I expect it’s one of those touchy cultural issues though.
I wonder if the French had the Dutch equivalent of the Welsh knot

I find it strange that more people like Brussels sprouts than Broccoli. I definitely prefer Broccoli.

That may be because Brussels sprouts have such a reputation that people don’t even try to serve them plainly any more and go straight to the butter and bacon. Sprouts are a family favourite with our children - just served boiled.

We like broccoli too. I really like purple sprouting broccoli - not too hard to grow in England and tastes so good when fresh.

That’s a fair point. Though I’ve never heard of anyone having bacon with Brussels sprouts.
(Not that I’m in the habit of asking people what they have for Christmas dinner.)

I’ve not heard of it, but it certainly looks familiar. Though I may be thinking of some other kind of Brassica that I’ve seen in the wild. Most of them seem to have that kind of clustering effect.

It seems they can be bought in some supermarkets at least, so maybe I’ll keep an eye out.

(This thread is starting to turn into an episode of The Good Life…)

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Forgive this often quoted fact, but it still blows my mind… most of our vegetables have one common ancestor (that’s the power of mutation + selective breeding)*. Long live the brassica !


* Wonder if there’s any realtime selective plant breeding games…?


This sounds like a brilliant mash-up between Conway’s game of life and a farming game. Start off with selecting mutations, then breed hybrid varieties with cross pollination, throw in a bit of grafting and finish up with genetic engineering and CRISPR. All to either sell more produce at market or, if you prefer a more sinister plot-line, to dominate the world’s agriculture and make people’s food production dependent on the seeds they need to keep buying from you (because you built single-generation sterility in during one of the later levels).

— real-time? As-in it takes months to get seeds from the first generation and you have to wait a year to find out if they are any improvement on what you started with. At this point, gardening sounds like a better deal because you can eat the results :grinning:


Yes. This should literally take decades at the minimum. I’m sure the LiPo battery is up to it. :wink:


That chart misses out one of the most interesting ones. Romanesco has a pseudo-fractal structure.


If you look at other species in the genus, there’s also turnips, rape, and oriental vegetables like napa and bok choy.

I can’t think of many plant breeding games, but off the top of my head APICO is about breeding and cross-breeding bees, and Niche goes quite in depth with its genetics. Then there’s the old classic, Spore.

Without a real time clock you’d have to count ticks while the Arduboy is powered on. At 60fps, an unsigned 32-bit tick counter would give you roughly 27 months before the counter rolled over, so if it weren’t for the battery issue, that would actually be feasible. I wonder how long the battery would last if you turned off the screen and put the CPU into a low power mode (one that would still tick every second or so, and wake up on a button press).

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‘A number of months’ is a bit less precise than I was hoping for, but I would presume from the ‘4 year’ estimate for ‘without waking’ that at least 1 year ought to be a reasonable estimate, particularly if incrementing the counter at a rate of 1, 2 or 4 seconds was the only thing being done on wake.

We need some Plantmon!

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That 4 year estimate (at 5µA) was without the watchdog timer (WDT) enabled. If you read further down in the topic I linked, I estimated maybe 40µA with WDT enabled and including the display sleeping current (worst case; could be better). With the Arduboy’s 180mAh battery, that would give about 6 months.

However, that doesn’t take into account the extra current drawn each time you wake up for a “tick”. This would depend on how often you woke up (8 seconds maximum for WDT) and how long you were awake doing whatever “per tick” maintenance is required. This part is difficult to estimate without specifics. Plus, I assume you would want to actually run powered up with the display on once in a while.

But don’t forget that you could plug into USB occasionally to top up the battery, without switching off.

There was a game created some time in recent years that involved plant creatures having dance battles. I can’t remember the name though.

(It got a lot of flack for announcing it was going to be an Epic Games Store exclusive after people had already pledged a ton of money on Kickstarter.)

Something like that could definitely be done on Arduboy I would think.

To be honest, I skipped past all the amps and volts talk because frankly I still don’t understand that sort of stuff, I only looked for time estimates, and I only saw two of those.

Originally I was thinking that 8 seconds might be a bit much because that leaves a lot of leeway for dropped seconds when the player wakes the device up, but thinking about it again, it probably won’t be that big a deal considering just how slow one of these ‘plants’ would be to ‘grow’ in real time.

I think it would be possible to get away with only running a counter incrementer on timed wake, and then when the player does a full wake the counter could be examined and the time could be simulated. It would make a full wake a very slow process (relatively speaking), but would minimise the amount of energy spent on a timed wake.

I’ve probably put far more thought into this than I ought to have done, nobody in their right mind would actually play a game like this. Not in real time anyway. A sped up version that acts more like a virtual pet might be more viable.