Donkey Kong JR (Game & Watch) Demake

So nobody has played the game even on the emulator ? :smiley:

The cage has a piece blinking at the start of the 1st game and

it’s not reset at the begining of the next game :sweat_smile: :zipper_mouth_face:

Just been playing the game now. Looks great.
But I’m not very good… :frowning:

Yep. I can never get the key. Perhaps this could be tweaked?
Also I struggle to distinguish the crocodiles /birds from the background. Would love to see if the background layers would work with a dither pattern? (e.g. Shadow Runner - First conversion of a TEAM a.r.g. game).

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:
Timing to get to key is like you have to jump 15ms earlier because I have added a frame. I could have done like in the original but I always found some frames where missing here but there is no magic: The key is balancing, If when you jump the hand is close to the key then JR catch it :slight_smile:
(look at my YT video at 0:29)

Here is an example with the dithering




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Thanks for trialling the dithering. The second option seems a good compromise but I slightly prefer the first… or maybe the original?! Really down to personal preference! :checkered_flag:

sorry, which one is the original ? :smiley:

Hello there!
Can I get the source code of this game with all the included files please. Or just give me your Github repository.

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Pretty sure Gibs did not release the source code for this one.


So no code for Donkey Kong and Manhole game?