Don't visit Team ARG's website, or scan the QR code in their games

It has come to light that Team ARG’s website may have come into the ownership of malicious actors.

Consequently, I am recommending that people do not visit their website through any means, which includes scanning the QR code that they embedded into a currently unknown (but probably significant) number of their games.

It is currently unclear how serious this issue may be, but I am treating it as serious until proven otherwise.

If you have the means to do so, please inform others of the situation so they are aware.


So far, 24 25 of Team ARG’s games are confirmed to contain a QR code which presumably links back to their site:

  • Outpost Defence
  • Fantasy Rampage
  • Helmets and Hordes
  • Tanked
  • Pinball
  • Pico Racers
  • Sirene
  • Rayne the Rogue
  • VIRUS LQP-79
  • Block Hop
  • Dice of Fate
  • Trolly Fish
  • Mystic Balloon
  • Epic Crates of Mass Destruction
    • Also known as ECOMD
  • Reverse Mermaid Hockey
  • Begemmed
  • Star Flight
  • Yum Yum
  • Dungeons 2
  • Escaper Droid
  • Elventure
  • Shadow Runner
  • Bubble Pop
  • Micro Card
  • Blob Attack
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The site redirect to random badware sites.

I use firefox with uBlock Origin and catches the badware redirect. (strangely chrome version didn’t)

I recommend to copy and paste the site below:

and Report it as badware at Google’s safebrowsing page.


REPORTED! Thanks for warning me! :hugs:


The Team A.R.G. link which ends with “com” now also leads to some strange website… Yeah, it would definitely be a good idea to replace/warn about those links in as many places as possible.

@bateske @Pharap You could try to purge the Arduboy forum of all these old Team A.R.G. links as well. They are present, for instance in Team A.R.G. topics.

Some more tips about dealing with such URLs: exploit - Where to report malicious URLs, phishing, and malicious web sites? - Information Security Stack Exchange


Fixed, thanks.