Dragonforce - Through The Fire and Flames played on Arduboy 😂

Here is the playtune bytestream incase you ever wanted to play TTFAF on your arduboy :joy:

Guitar hero fans will relate


Just paste it into the example playtune file


video not available in aus :frowning:

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Just google the song title

omg this song… :joy:

This kind of topic makes me think even more than we need some light StepMania/DDR clone.
Even if we could put only a few music per “mix/game” that would be awesome.
But i don’t have the skill to do something like this, yet. I’m still learning and in the middle of a first test game : a simple platformer with no saves, no sounds, no scrolling. Figure out collission was hell (i didn’t used the functions that does this in the arduboy2 lib, next time i will probably).

I am also interested in MIDI creation and i have a question : when i look at the source i see at the top “created by MIDI2TONES V1.0.0”. So, you can generate MIDI with mp3 and it works with our arduboy2 library ? Am i missing something ? I through you had to create everything from scratch : o

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You can use midi2tones to convert a Standard MIDI File (SMF) to a format playable by either the ArduboyTones or ArduboyPlaytune libraries.


Like Scott said yes you can create PlayTune bytestreams using midi2tones but the biggest issue i’ve run into is downloading midis from the internet and running them through midi2tones only for it to sound horrible. This is due to the fact that most midis contain 5+ tracks and the arduboy only supports 2. So really you’re taking a chance that the first 2 tracks in the midi are the instruments you want.

For the songs i’ve converted I had to manually edit the midi file beforehand using FLStudio so that all the instruments I want fit on 2 tracks. You can see some examples of music i’ve converted in my test game here (main menu > music)

Also if your song is MP3 there is probably a midi version of it somewhere on the internet. Just google “song name Midi file”. Also almost 100% of all retro game titles have a midi file somewhere on the internet. NES makes a good candidate for being converted since NES only supports 3 tracks so the editing is a bit easier. See here for all NES midis.

Also another thing to look out for is although you might have 2 tracks, multiple notes might be playing on the same time on one track and i’m pretty sure that can produce mixed results. Another thing i’ve noticed is if the note I want to play is too low the song will actually lag. Don’t expect to get drums working without a synth library like ATMlib. I’ve tried using their solution but it’s way too complex for me.

If you want help with converting i can always help you especially if your midi needs editing just send me the link

Bonus: Here’s another song i’ve edited / converted: Pokemon Battle Theme


I’ve had some nice sounding results using master system midis with midi2tones and surprised how horrid some gameboy midi’s sound.

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You can tell midi2tones which tracks to process by using the -c option.

You should also use the -t option to specify how may tone generators to use to create the output. (Likely 2 for ArduboyPlaytune or 1 for ArduboyTones.)

It can sometimes help to try the two -s option values to see which generation strategy works best.

However, as @JoeRagu said, it’s sometimes difficult to condense scores with many tracks and instruments down to just 1 or 2 tone generators. You can use your favourite MIDI capable tracker or sequencer to edit compositions or create your own. @JoeRagu mentioned FLStudio and I’ve used Rosegarden under Linux.

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Thanks for the explanations !
I actually don’t need help at the moment because i don’t plan in the very near future to incorporate a song (or more) in my game(s). Even if i know MIDI format since ages i have still bad knowledge about it and never played with it. I have also no skills in song creations. But yet, i was curious about how this TTFAF arduboy MIDI version was done and @MLXXXp and yourself explained me well, thanks for that.
Thanks again for giving me help if i needed, that’s very kind of you. I’ll sure drop a message on a forum if i can’t figure out what i’m doing when i touch to MIDIs (or something else).


This is so epic. I love this. I’ve seen Dragonforce twice in concert live, and they are the real deal.

I actually can’t believe the whole song fits!! It’s been sitting here playing for several minutes and every time there is a break in the song I think it’s over but then I realize that’s just a breakdown part without guitar.

Something to think about here is the oportunity to cut this up and potentially use some of the arpeggiatos and other samples as clips for sound effects. Pulling just bar or two out of a guitar solo would make excellent effects for games. Or little victory sound clips, stuff like that!

Thank you for posting this!

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Thanks for the response! I’m glad you like it.

I was inspired to convert and edit another Dragonforce track

Here is Fury of the Storm. 4:30 in length and 97% memory used when inserted into the PlayTune example file.


Possibly the longest song ever put on an arduboy? :smile:

I also agree some of the solo parts of Through the fire and Flames sound really good on the arduboy. Gotta make custom clips.

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One chiptune that comes to mind regarding the fast arpeggio effect is “Carter - Dead Feelings”

I chopped a section from it (starting from here) and converted / cleaned it up to see what the effect sounds like on the device.


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