Drawing sprites and finding them

While I was working on a game I across a some what unique discovery. I would love to give video proof but for some reason the video was not authorised

If it’s a big red button marked ‘do not press’, don’t press it.

no no no the little blue button that says dont press is not to be pressed, the big red button is reverse psychology it is meant to be pressed… it needs to be pressed

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Don’t press it if the case has an vowel in the serial number and more than 2 batteries.
But if it has a serial port, press and hold the button and tell us which color the indicator has.

We are waiting with baited breath

Okay I think I got photos working now.
It’s a algorithm that spawns objects in random places without overlapping

Huh, that was anticlimactic. I was hoping it was some sort of secret feature on the Arduboy that nobody knows about. (Like the mural behind the battery.)


There’s a mural behind the battery? Do tell …

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(But you didn’t hear it from me… *shifty eyes*)


In all 'boys or just your bad boy?

I assume all. That’s not mine, I stole it from @Ground7:

(Technically I don’t actually even own an Arduboy, I ‘borrowed’ one from the (very generous) @noel_abercrombie and said I’d give it back when I got one myself, and I was waiting for Arduboy v2 to be released before buying one… several months on I’m still waiting. I think I’m going to have to either win one or stop being a horrifyingly frugal person and buy one, but I look at the price and think “I could buy this, or I could purchase another 3-10 games from steam that I’ll never get round to playing” and Gaben usually wins ; n ; )

(I got 12 games for £30 this sale. Good times.)

I’m back all;)

Looking forward to seeing what’s behind the new arduventure one… anyone know if anything is behind the tetris one?


yes all. I also can confirm it is behind the gold ones.