Drawing Tablets General

Opening Fluff:

Hi All,

Seems like new people trickle in and I thought i’d make a post for people who want a low cost drawing tablet solution. I don’t think this is absolutely needed for making bitmaps/images, but I personally found drawing with a mouse or trackpad not very fun. I also don’t have any need for a android/apple tablet so I couldn’t justify buying one just for drawing.

So, this post is more for people without a android/apple tablet and don’t want to spend the money for one. The drawing tablet I found and will be reviewing in relation to Arduboy pixel art is the Huion H420.


I use gimp as my main image manipulator. I am set in my ways so using an app or something better suited for drawing pixel art is a no go for me. I don’t know what better suited means other than I know there are websites that specialize in creating pixel art. Gimp is more than capable of pixel art, but I digress.

I use Windows 10 and did not have any issues setting this up, but from my research people on Windows 7 or 8 might have issues. Not tested was on macOS since I do not run a macbook or a linux desktop as a daily driver. From my research macOS works fine, but I am just forwarding this info I found.

For linux desktop users I found a nice group of people building drivers for these tablets. I might revisit this and report on using this tablet on a Debian/Pacman distribution. Linux Driver for Huion H420


If you want a technical review explaining a lot of the features and testing with other applications, this video does a much better job than what I could do. I also found a review where she explains more of the negatives if you want a more well rounded idea before buying. Found another good video that is pretty balanced. Notice the scratching after prolong usage. Again, just throwing that out there so other are educated. If you don’t feel like watching the video this uses a mini usb cable instead of a micro usb cable used by most things these days. Could be a con for someone.

Personally, I could have cared less about the gloves, cleaning kit, or case included with it. Nice to have, but what I really enjoy is the form factor, customizable buttons, and price tag, which is ~34 USD. Since its main function will be monochromatic pixel art its lack of features compared to other tablets isn’t a big deal to me.


I guess that’s all I wanted to say about this so far. Once I get my workflow worked out and what key mapping I found most useful I’ll post about that. Just felt like throwing out a blurb to get a conversation started.

Feel free to post below if you would recommend another drawing tablet or even how you are currently setup for making pixel art. I personally am very new to drawing so it will be an adventure.

This is a post I have bookmarked and it has some good tidbits for drawing pixel art.