Dungeon Crawler boy?

while I hope my unit arduboy, think I could be much more massive sale in the future, it would not be strange, today retro nostalgia is big business, nintendo born less fortunate than arduboy …
whole generation had its console RPG whether in text, vector sprites or whatever …
ARDUBOY will be less perhaps?

Below are some ancient examples, many of them we can provide inspiration I leave.

looks like Tyrann de MO5 but is le fer d amnukor

Ultima Apple II

wizardry Apple II (bus is in nes snes amstrad nds etc )

Akalabeth: World of Doom

--------Then I remembered that in arduboy also saw similar things … very curious RAYCAST--------

look at 0:12


Recently my wife gave me her old nintendo ds because it gave her a 3DS and as I was bored I started looking and looking and discover a gem …
A real gem a game that hardly gets, but you can play with and an NDS ROM emulator, totally worth it, really even more to play modern games …
It is called: THE DARK SPIRE and as Dr. Sheldon Cooper would say "use the best chip in the world … THE BRAIN"

The game can be played both retro and modern interface.
by pause button.
the soundtrack is great, but the American version was sold with a CD with music.
I recommend everyone who can to play it, I can not stop, it’s really difficult but worth every minute.

I think as ARDUGAMERS, we deserve a good old school retro RPG …

these games have bad graphics. but the gameplay is great, let us imagine enemies and situations mediantes text and few graphics with great imagination.

the retro look of the Raycast is great in THE DARK SPIRE

I think a good console, deserves a great Games.

WIZARDRY nobody can say that is not a great game, imitated in almost all consoles and generations …

I think a good RPG could approach the console ARDUBOY more to the place it deserves in the history …

and I can see people taking their dungeons dragons wizards and elves out of their wallets …

Angel bateske, hear my prayers !!!

link leave the game page dark spire, with details of the website is modern and classic mode too … XD

Hi there!

I was always a big fan of retro RPG’s as well. It is certianly possible to make a “scaled” RPG on the Arduboy.

Although probably not exactly what you are looking for, JO3RI and I put together a dungeon crawler game (probably closer to Gauntlet than a standard RPG) for another Arduino platform. The game is called "Dungeons."

We may port that game to Arduboy at some point.

You can read more about Dungeons here: http://team-arg.org/DUN-manual.html


Well, what do you think about my project?
See here
and yes, i hope too we see a dungeon game very soon!

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Even a Nethack/Hack/Rogue clone would be awesome TBH

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I very much hope that his subbie Arduboy Dev Kit soon gets so that he can get started with " Mystic Space " . The templates I sent him and I hope that everything works as I 've thought