Dust behind the screen of my Arduboy?

I believe there is dust, or maybe a dried adhesive, on the screen of my arduboy, but to check it would require me to take it apart. Should I try to open it and clean it? What is the recommended course of action? Thanks for any advice in advance!

Oh no! Sorry to hear this! You should be able to easily enough open up the device yourself.

Make sure you place it face down on a clean soft surface to avoid any scratches. When disassembling, keep the clear plastic front cover face down on the working surface otherwise all the buttons will fall out.

When putting it back together be careful with the screws not to cross-thread them or going crazy-tight with them. There is a metal insert in the front plastic cover that can become stripped out if you go nuts!

If for whatever reason you can’t clean it out then let us know we can try to help out in some way. Sorry you have to get in there and do the work yourself, but when you do have a careful peak under the battery (the battery connection leads don’t like being bent too many times) for some cool artwork!


Hi there,
I think on my Arduboys screen there is also a bit of adhesive-fingerprint from the factory process left. Is there any advice with what type of cleaner I could try to remove it? I guess alcohol may be to aggressive…
Thanks for your advice!

On mine there’s something on the bottom left corner, but it doesn’t affect clarity so I left it alone, but the outside had some weird orange goop on it, possibly machine grease from the screwdriver, it just wiped off no problem, but it might be worth checking if it is grease and will just wipe off with a cloth.

Min is over the screen area and is behind the front cover. I haven’t had an opportunity to open it yet as I’ve been too busy, but I’ll report back once I have.

I just opend it. The fingerprint of adhensive is also on the inside of the cover. I will try some nail polish remover from my girlfriend to clean it :wink:

I wouldn’t recommend nail varnish/polish remover, it’s pretty potent stuff, it might make the plastic go cloudy, you could try lighter fluid, but that might also be a bit too strong.

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Thanks, I’ll try some less aggressive methods first. :wink:

I too have like a light whitish mark on my screen on the bottom left side. It has the appearance of dust, or dried adhesive or almost like a fingerprint. It doesn’t affect the screen when it is on for the most part and it rather faint altogether. However it is still there and does bother me haha.
So let me know what works for some of you guys.

For me worked some watch-screen polish I still had. I’m happy with the result.

Hey man nice work! MacGuyver solution to the rescue love it! @ekem do we have a badge for fixing your own arduboy? Hook it up!

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I’m seeing the same thing on my Arduboy. At first I thought I just needed to clean my glasses. :eyeglasses: Glad that I’m not crazy or seeing things.

With so many people here, and in Kickstarter comments, reporting “smudge/dust” on the inside of the case over the screen, in roughly the same spot, I’m beginning to suspect dirt or a flaw was introduced in the mold at some point.

I opened it up and attempted to clean it out with a soft microfiber cloth, though it didn’t seem to get all of it and now it’s got some light scratching on the inside :confounded: . What should I do next?

If the case is damaged too much let us know via www.arduboy.com/store/contact-us/ and we can do our best to help!

@MLXXXp Yes looks like the case, the dust and scratches are appearing in the same spot. We saw some of this in the factory and rejected them in quality control steps but it seems that still quite a few made it through when we were not there.

I also had some minor marks on the inside of the screen; if they bug me, I’ll open it up, thanks!


My Arduboy too… :tired_face:

Yikes I’m waiting for mine so I hope it doesn’t end up like this

Same with me!

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