Dust inside Arduboy


Looks like I have dust inside my Arduboy. It is something on the inside where the screen is. Does anyone have any experience with opening it up? It looks quite simple to open it up but will I break anything by opening it? Do you have any experience of cleaning the screen on the inside?

It is very easy to open, nothing to break inside if you are careful.

Except for the tabs on the battery - they can be really fragile.

The battery tabs are mostly only susceptible to breaking due to bending. As long as you’re careful not to lift or move the battery in a way that would highly flex the tabs, damage is unlikely.

Be careful not to lose the 4 tiny case screws. It’s not easy to find replacements.

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Note that with some of the original Kickstarter Arduboys, what appeared to be dust was actually flaws in the screen area plastic itself. Hopefully, this isn’t the case here (no pun intended), but be aware of the possibility.

If this is a new Arduboy please let me know it’s something that can fall under warranty. If it’s been a while and the Arduboy didn’t originally come that way, please be careful taking it apart!