Easier uploading to Arduboy

First of all I am aware that there is already an Arduboy manager, but not released for mac.

With that said, is there an easier way to upload working games to arduboy? It seems everytime I try to upload something there is some sort of problem with it not compiling. I am not someone who is super smart with coding or anything technical. So far I have only been able to download the team arg games, and a few other games such as tiny ships.

Have you followed the Quick Start Guide? Have you installed the Arduboy library as instructed in Step 2 of the guide?

There are game uploaders from @JO3RI from team arg and also @crait but we are working on an online version that will work through a web browser plugin! Hope to have it up early next year!

Awesome! Would this be making use of the draft Web USB API? It would be great to see a general-purpose Arduino uploading library for JS leveraging this, which could power specialized web-based repositories like this.

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We are looking at a few different things. @flaki has made the most progress with his clouduboy, and it’s open source so we are certainly looking at how he has done a few things.

There is also arduinos own cloud compiler, but I haven’t fiddled around with that yet.