Easily Add Game To FX Menu?

WOW. I’ve been gone for a LONG time. Well, I’m gonna try to be a little more active. I got some secrets I’d like to share with you all. (I finished a new Arduboy game, this past week, and am already working on another one that you will all love.)

For my new Arduboy game, I’d like to add it to the menu that you’d find on the Arduboy FX. How is this accomplished? I thought that there was some sort of Python script that you could run, but was there ever a more easy method for this? While I don’t plan on doing this, myself, someone has asked me for help with it, so I’d like to share this info with them. They’re using a Mac, so I’m worried about compatibility.

Anyway, thanks, ya’ll! Missed this place!


It looks like this might be the simplest method…

Is that it?

Welcome back bro.

So you need to make the new game available to others and make a new bin file for uploading to your own device. This can be done through this site > Build your own Arduboy FX Cart Image

Once you have the bin created you then need to load it onto your device. This may be done through the link you posted or by following the instructions from the cart site.

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Hey! Welcome back :slightly_smiling_face:

Definitely the easiest way to add games to the FX menu is to use the site @filmote provided.


is this really filmote
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you forgot the option:

  • He’s excited to see @crait back.

Hi @Crait nice to see you back and with a bang new game :smiley:


Thanks for the warm welcome, guys! I appreciate it! And I appreciate the helpful links! This community was always so helpful!


Welcome back! All I can say is, play Prince of Arabia FX! @filmote did amazing work.


Hows your new game coming along? I’m working on a new production the software will need to be gold in the next month or two though!

I’ll 100% be playing this during the week! It looks so smooth. I saw someone upload a video to YouTube, too.

The new game is done and I just now got approval, so I’ll be uploading it to my website, tonight. I’ll post on Twitter and in the forum, like I always do. :grin: :+1:


Thanks … it is faithful to Mechner’s original. I hope the YouTube videos did not reveal any of the secrets in the game,

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Yar ported a game- or something else? :wink:

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