Eat Sand, Crawlers

No problem with any modern consoles up to PS5 Pro and even Slim in the coming days, they are freely available in stores. But the vast majority of gamers of course prefer powerful PCs. The most popular retro platforms are the ZX Spectrum and GameBoy, and the already retro PSP )
However, traditionally there are a lot of people who are into radio engineering and Arduino and they often build Arduboys for fun, many of the ones I know ))

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Thank you for the insight. Available vs affordable are two different things, aren’t they marked up heavily so the average person cannot really afford one? Or am I thinking of how bad it is in Argentina/Brazil?

Not a lot of news flows across the borders so it’s interesting to find out.

That could be interesting, and if it’s possible I would love to work together. One of my investors has been asking for this for a long time, so if it’s able to be delivered then it could be a big move for the business.

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I saw ‘Enjoy Robotics’ on the ArduBlock website, so I presume they’re working together?
Or at least ArduBlock is advertising Enjoy Robotics products.

Yes, they collaborate on some things, but Ardublock was made long before enjoy-robotics came about.

I don’t have specific figures of course, and affordable is a relative concept, of course not all 100% can afford to go and buy a not really necessary toy for 800 USD. However, it is not a few percent, rather a few tens of percent of the population i think.

UPD: However, casual games are probably 90% of the time on smartphones and tablets. And such devices are quite inexpensive 200-300 USD, which can afford I think more than 90% of the population.

I will tell him and ask him to come here to the forum and post to you.

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