Eeprom collision

Done (with the data I had) :partying_face:

:sweat_smile: …If it’s ok, I will wait to see:

  1. If and how the data is used. Whatever you implement may need different formatting/ data, etc.
  2. How you will solve syncing other details; e.g. I don’t think you added ‘Site’ and ‘Source’ info to the other CSV’s(?)… This feels like a problem to solve with a script rather than human labour. I deliberately didn’t fix any issues with ‘Title’ or ‘Author’, in case you wanted to use those as a key to keep things in sync… :crossed_fingers:


PS- This was based on the initial survey. I think some issues have been fixed since, so consider this a ‘worst case’ starting point!..

I can’t help but feel that having something unconventional rather than the traditionally expected null is going to trip someone up later down the line.


Totally different tune :slight_smile:

My na na na na na na is slower than yours. Artists United Against Apartheid - Wikipedia

If you are a fan of the Sopranos, you will see that the composer is Steve Van Zandt who was Silvio in the show and is also a member of Bruce Springsteen’s E-Street band. Talented guy.

Happy to change it now- @filmote?
There was a reason I avoided null (just like avoiding slashes in n/a), as I’ve found going through different layers and languages (back to front-end), may cause issues. IMHO if x="na"... seemed pretty universal.

I am not fussed … as long as its consistent!

Oddly enough, I was a bit too young to be watching that when it was first broadcast.

(Though I happen to know that the group that performed the theme tune are actually from Brixton, in London.)

If there’s a language out there that implicitly converts "null" (a string containing the word ‘null’) to null (a null contstant), the language designer deserves to be keelhauled.

Though speaking of pathological languages, in JavaScript eval("") produces undefined, while eval("null") produces null, and eval("340") produces 340. Obviously using eval for this is a terrible idea (lest someone store their EERPOM at address while(true);), but the point is that there’s precedence for such a mapping.

Overall I don’t mind much (it’s going to have to be parsed either way), I just thought it would make more sense to use something people (read: ‘programmers’) are familiar with rather than doing something unique and surprising.

P.S. I forked the stuff about the EEPROM API into a separate thread, which I will be adding to when I return from an imminent excursion.

Going to a funeral in London?

I actually watched it on Netflix years after its original release. Held up nicely.

At the risk of heading off-topic…

I would have been a week early if I had been.

Nice to see she finally got a mention though. It feels like it’s been a bit of an elephant in the room (or should that be ‘elephant in the forum’?) for the last few days.

I’ve never used Netflix.
These days I mainly rely on Freeview, and even then I don’t really watch that much.

Well I am not sure how long your ‘excursion’ is, LOL.

We have a surprise holiday next Thursday, thanks Liz.

Its the only service I have. I know many people who have multiple services.

It was about 2 hours going by the timestamps between “which I will be adding to when I return” and me doing the aforementioned adding.

Also, if I had a week to spare I certainly wouldn’t want to spend it in London.
(It took a lot of effort to not follow that up with a disparaging quip.)

For us it’ll be on the Monday, the actual day of the funeral.
It seems cruel to call it a holiday, even if it’s technically accurate to do so.

Whether or not people get the day off work is at their employer’s discretion though.
It would be a bad time to have a republican for a boss.

Ours is a designated holiday - so everyone gets it. Friday is also a holiday in Victoria as its the Friday before the footy Grand Final. Important stuff (but not for me).

Some changes on the site:

I will look at building a pictorial view of clashes next.

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Looking good! Small tweak here.

Managed to get this far today …

Not something you would look at on a phone.

I have sorted the entries by start eeprom address. If you hover over the bar, it tells you the start and end address.

Need to add info that shows you the names of the items that each one clashes with. I am also planning on making those games with a hash have a green bar.


That’s awesome!!
My other PR should give you some more data :slight_smile:

Although rare, it may be that 2 (or more) games deliberately share game data; e.g. an RPG series. Not sure how to represent that?

Proposal: add another column with a Save-UID (SUID- pronounced ‘swede’!), holding a 0-255 value. For most games it will be “na”, but for games deliberately sharing EEPROM data, they would be given a common SUID value. Currently there’s only:

  1. Shattered Lands: Towers of Perdition
  2. Shattered Lands 2: Sea of Despair
    (Start: 16 , End: 70).

I think sharing save data is a really nice idea- but I wonder if it will always remain a rare edge case…? (esp. now FX allows bigger, single games anyway). Perhaps not worth worrying about?..

I am thinking its not worth worrying about. I am not sure Tux’s game actually shares data as the second half was never completed. My Lode Runner definitely did but I have replaced that with an FX version.


I have added some more details …

The cursor has disappeared, but I am hovering over the dot adjacent to ‘Bangi’.


This is great!! Why 4bit (/nibble) divisions though?

But gets a bit unwieldy when you have many:

Its actually truncated the text so that’s no good.

Edit: Fixed (one of the names had invalid characters in it).