EEPROM Crusade - Fixing the games that overwrite reserved EEPROM

6-7 days after. I will fixed my tiny game series.
Most problems are resolved. Too many bugs I made! :rofl:

はい。その通りです。memo is eeprom size.


I am working my games now.
On the way, I make another 5 game fixing “draft” too. :slight_smile:
If source code is bad, tell me.

A few days away… Can I pull up this too?

I think Last one is only Starduino.
Starduino is no source code…

eeprom size memo

1.arduloop          201   crc + SONG struct
2.CalenderApp      1030   printf debug.
                          changed EEPROM_NOTES_MAX 50 -> 45(now 930 byte)
3.Evade              60   id + score(rough 60 byte)
4.Fanboat             3   id + mute flag + score
5.HarambesRevenge  max?   id + score, etc.
                          changed Almost save,load code(now 11 byte)
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※ You’re even trying to fix other people’s games?

(I am surprised!)

(That wasn’t my intention, but once again, thank you very much.)

(The source code is secret, so it’s not your problem.)

(With Fanboat, Evade, Calender and arduloop, I think there is no problem.)

(With Fanboat there’s still a licence issue.)

(But it is not your problem.)

(Changing into English mode…)

@acedent said he was going to contact Fanboat’s author (whose name is also Fanboat).

@acedent, have you managed to get a reply?
(Presumably you sent a PM on the forum?)

デュアル モードになる… :P
(Changing into dual mode… :P)

Haramebe’s Revengeは大問題ですと思います。
(Harambe’s Revenge is a big problem I think.)

(There’s a CRC and a multiple save system.)

※ I intend to contact the authors to discuss the problem in greater depth.

akkeraさんのHarambe’s Revengeバグフィックスは作戦二です。これはいいですか?
(akkera-san’s Harambe’s Revenge bug fix is plan 2. Is this ok?)

(However, akkera’s other bugfixes are plan 1.)

※ means “I don’t know how to say this in Japanese…”

Before I try to contact the authors, @acedent or @Mr.Blinky, do either of you remember what exactly the problem with Harambe’s Revenge was?

  • Harambe’s Revenge
    @Pharap san. ok! I do nothing
    But The technical problem is solved. I changed ALL save/load code.
    If you can’t contact the author, you and I can use fix hex file.

  • Fanboat, Starduino
    It’s difficult for me to solve. I’m rooting for community.

  • Evade, Calender, Arduloop
    As I declared, I will pull up the modified version. Code reading Thanks!

Yes. I know. :slight_smile:
When I was active Arduboy community, there was no emulator or fx chip.
Now, The community is still active. I have respect.
I will work with you for a little while. hahaha.


Fanboat has an interesting licence …

Copyright © 2016 Richie ‘Fanboat’ Davidson
I own everything. In fact, stop reading this. Give me your shoes.
J/K I’m easy.
Copyleft sharealike GNU whatever, I’m not a lawyer.

The code is a pretty easy fix really.

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(Yes, that’s plan 2.)

Yeah, that’s the annoying thing.

If it had always had a proper licence we could have fixed it right off the bat and been on our merry way.
Instead we’re stuck trying to get hold of the original author to ask for permission.

This is precisely the situation open source is intended to prevent.

With most of the other games, if we can’t get ahold of the authors we can just fix it however we choose to.

He did publish an email address …

With that licence, I would just update it.

Hence why I said:

I’m intending to hold out for at least three more days (which will be the two week mark) and if there’s no reply then we can argue about what to do with it.

The problem is that each new high score is stored at new EEPROM location (after the previous one) So after the126th new high score all of the EEPROM has been overwritten

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All the EEPROM including the first 16 bytes?

If yes, that’s a problem, if not it’s a bit annoying but it’s technically a different issue.
(Either way I’ll contact them to discuss it.)

No not the 1st 16 bytes.

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Ok, that puts things into perspective.
But it’s late now, so I’ll contact them when I’m next free and not juggling other things.

Re. @fanboat - Our last email correspondence was 5th Aug. He realised CodeBender wasn’t viable anymore and was planning on looking at GitHub. I’ve just sent him another nudge and link to this forum. :crossed_fingers:


I’d like to thank @akkera102 and @obono for updating their games and making pull requests!


If he needs any help setting GitHub up or understanding how licensing works or choosing a licence (or any similar things) feel free to point him in my direction.


@bateske, I made a 2nd pullup request. :laughing:
2nd are my games and some Arduboy games. 1st was a Gamebuino.
The contents of zip files did not change directory structure or filename as much as possible.
It changed source code.

Current situation. My work is done.


TinyDepth (fixed Mr.Blinky)
Tiny Sokoban
Tiny NS Tower
Tiny Asteroids
Tiny Digital Invader


Big Black Box

Need fixing.

Harambe’s Revenge


Thanks for all your efforts! Amazing :smiley:

Did you intend to make any changes to Tiny2048?


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oops I forgot. just now I changed 2048. thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:


I sent a message to the authors 2 days ago.
If I don’t get a reply in a few days, I’ll make a GitHub issue.
If I still don’t get a reply, we’ll use 作戦二.