EEPROM Reader .. now should be called EEPROM Updater!

Eepromeditor.hex (32.9 KB)

Its a little boring in the emulator as there is no data!

I wrote this little utility after trying to debug some EEPROM issues today. Inspiration came from @crait’s ArduboyAssistant however this version has been expanded to show 25 bytes at a time (to give context) with the current cell highlighted in the middle. Scrolling left or right moves the memory location one byte back or forward whereas up and down will scroll a complete row (5 bytes) at a time

On the right are the current row’s binary representation:

Get it here


Beautiful :slight_smile: Can it somehow download/upload the whole memory to/from PC? Or is that planned? Sorry if lame question, am new :slight_smile:

It could … but it was really a quick utility I developed while trying to sort out a problem with another program!

@crait’s original Arduboy Assistant does the backup and restore of the EEPROM.

If I was gong to spend some time on this application I would implement a ‘slot’ system so that multiple games can co-exist in the EEPROM without overwriting each other. This has been discussed many times:

Slots would be ideal, but for now I’d be okay with just the backup option. I’d prefer your program since it comes with a FOSS license. I may try to add the download/upload feature to your program, in which case I’d send you a patch.

@Mr.Blinky’s python scripts can do easy PC-side EEPROM backup & restore (but without @filmote’s nice Arduboy-side interface):


Sounds good.

I am busy trying to finish off two games so I would appreciate the help.

Ooooh, this is great, thank you, will give it a try :slight_smile: Anyway I already took a look at the code and adding the download feature is as simple as

<   if (arduboy.justPressed(A_BUTTON))
<   {
<     for (int16_t i = 0; i < 1024; ++i)
<       Serial.println(;
<   }

I’m just gonna leave it here.


The Python scripts work great, solved all my problems! Can’t thank you enough.

My phone died when I was trying to respond to this the other day. Looks really good!

As I said, I took inspiration from your ArduboyAssistant.

I have added a simple update capability on this.

Simply press the A button and then scroll through the values, press A to commit.



I want to make a proposal to rename it Ardu Genie or Ardaction Replay.

Finally i can play micro city with enough money.

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