EEPROM Techniques and Best Practices? Are there any?

After reading through the “Shared EEPROM storage management across multiple apps” discussion I got the feeling that there was never a consensus on the use of the 1Kb of EEPROM memory. Before I picked a random location in the available space to store the high score for the game I am developing, I thought I would put it out to the group as a whole in the hope of getting a definitive answer.

  1. Is there any agreement as to how this limited resource is shared?

  2. Are there any Arduboy libraries already out there to manage EEPROM?

  3. Are there any best practices that you can suggest before proceeding?

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I think this is something that should be standardized. I have been looking into EEPROM the last few days, but I don’t think there’s a consensus for best practices, yet.


Why not continue this discussion in the already existing topic that you mentioned, instead of fragmenting it?

From that topic, I think @Dreamer3 and I were pretty close to agreeing on an API (no one else was contributing to the discussion) and I had written a demo library that used it.

I was thinking of proposing embedding a cleaned up version of my technique within the Arduboy library for its next release.

Feel free to voice your opinion, but again, I suggest using the original topic thread.

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Why not continue the previous discussion? A fair question.

I didn’t poat this question to the original discussion thread because I was looking for a decisive answer. Yes, there is standard, no there is not. Posting to the original discussion makes that almost impossible as people start interjecting their opinions again.

The other reason is to provided a yes no answer to newbies. Attacking a discussion thread with 42 replies can be a bit daunting when all you want to know is “where should I start”.

Your response did ferret that out.

Between the link you provided to your sample api, and the examples of other people’s games should give a nice starting point for the next guy without having spend the hours I did this afternoon digging into the problem.

Does anyone else wish to contribute a helpful hint or two?


We haven’t arrived on a standard yet, origonally I had thought we could try to allocate some memory space to specific games publicly somehow.

I think some kind of memory manager would be cleaner than publicly posting a memory map. But I’m fine with either.

No standard yet, continue the discussion in the other forum I think it’s about time we decide on this soon!