Egg Master Pro 2020

Here is my entry, Egg Master Pro 2020. To be taken with a grain of salt. Hope you like it!


Press Left + B for options, Left + B again for timer settings.
User Manual: Download (PDF)

Code on GitHub:


Can I upgrade my standard Egg Master to the Pro 2020 version?


Sure, you also get life-long free upgrades and a hyperlink of your choice!


Would love the ability to customise the times and also have a quick start option. (I always do a 4min egg).

Please RTFM :smile:


I love everything about this but the most I love the manual.

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Wow - there was a manual!! :star_struck:
Thanks for the great app. Would still love a Quick Start option (like a key combo to immediately launch your Default).

This is great!

This made me think, can we implement other things? Example, the perfect time to cook rise, or spaghetti…
I can imagine a small menu were we could select what we wanted to cook and the different options inside the main choice.
Its something I could use while I’m cocking :slight_smile:

Read the time on the packet, knock 2 minutes off the lower estimate.
If there is no estimate then go for 8 minutes.

I have pasta down to a fine art. :P

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Hahha, you are a real chef!

Sadly pasta is about all I can cook.
The Unix philosophy of “do one thing and do it well” doesn’t apply so well to cooking. :P


Love the application and the graphics! Makes watching eggs fun!

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