Electrical Noise as 7th input

Hey guys, just last day I read about @chame’s Pseudo Theremin project where he had the brilliant idea of using the electrical noise as a 7th input. I absolutely loved the concept so I wrote a really simple code based on his.

I was quite surprised that nobody did it before but here it is:

It just recognizes the difference between the average noise and the interference made by rubbing the thumb around the microcontroller chip or around the USB connector.
Although it works just fine you will have to play around with the sensibility for more accuracy; in fact, it can work as a standard input but it would do its best as a “rub to fill the bar”, and things like that.

I hope it works with other devices outside of mine as well and I would appreciate your help to test it out. Looking forward to your thoughts on this.:wink:


It’s usually called capacitive touch.



Oh, I didn’t know that, thanks :wink:

Could you use this as a poor boys accelerometer? “Swing you sword wildly now to kill the beast”. Or is it more of a “please caress your device lovingly”.

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It really depends on the sensibility you choose, you can detect the slightest noise change as soon as you touch the device, or go wild to register the input. It’s based on your necessity.

I think you can with the right sensibility and the right pin.