Elventure port (WIP)


First, I hope this is the right area to post this. If not, please feel free to move. I’m new to the community and just got an arduboy. I’m using the arduboy manager to put games on my system.

I ran across this port from the gamebuino and someone put a pull request that adds zelda music:

I’m interested in trying it out, but not sure how to get it into hex or arduboy format. Can this be compiled? If so, I would really appreciate someones help on that.


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There was a version of elventure that worked on the Arduboy once upon a time:

But it hasn’t been updated to the new library and is dependent on a library that might have been discontinued (called “ArduboyExtra”).
Incidentally, @Dreamer3’s version has the same issue - ArduboyExtra is no longer available
(I’m guessing that was the precursor to TEAMarg’s version judging from the ‘work in progress’ comment.)

If they worked once then it’s definitely possible to get them running again, but they’d need to be modified first.

Thanks for the quick reply! I’m so fresh that I have no idea what ArduboyExtra is.

Is this the type of thing that would need extensive work to get going? Or could it be done fairly easily with the right know-how?

The Team Arg github page was last updated 2 years ago to the day.

I haven’t heard much about ArduboyExtra so I’m guessing it was discontinued before the changeover to the Arduboy2 library.

I found ArduboyExtra:

It seems taking the files from ArduboyExtra, dumping them into the ELV_wrapper folder and changing #include <ArduboyExtra.h> to #include "ArduboyExtra.h" in ELV_wrapper.ino is enough to get it to compile.

(Or possibly adding ArduboyExtra manually, but I didn’t think to do that at the time.)

To save you the trouble, I forked it, did the things I mentioned above and uploaded the result:

I’m not sure if it runs as intended, it boots with the sound running and I don’t want to wake everyone up.

If it doesn’t run properly then it’ll probably need a bit more rewriting.

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I used this awhile ago I just manually installed the ArduboyExtra Library and it worked.

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Just checked, it works.
(And it has very loud Zelda music!)

Two small issues: it’s only clearing part of the screen so the Y for the Arduboy logo never vanishes, and the graphics are off to the left side rather than centred.

It’s playable though, that’s the main thing.

Hi there!

As the comment had said on GitHub, the game needs to be re-written for Arduboy2 library. I am not sure who started this particular port (I wrote the original for the Video Game Shield about 7 years ago). I think @bateske was going to port it for the original Arduboy release, so that may be the version on GitHub (?) Regardless, it can be made to work on “modern” Arduboy.

I will take a look and see how it can be ported. The display is smaller than what the original game was written for so it will take some adapting.


Oh, i am really looking forward to try this out…

I put a lot of work into it, just never finished. Lots of little things like fixing collisions so you can walk thru doors without having to be EXACTLY lined up, etc… lots of little details like that.

Glad someone is playing it and enjoying it. The screen is to the left because I was going to use the right side for status… one of the things I never got to.


Wow, @trodoss. If you could pull that off. A lot of us would appreciate it. This is a unique game that has a lot going for it.

A solid version would be a better play through.

Much props to the original creators and @Dreamer3 for the hard work on porting it.

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Pretty sure that’s not right.

Arduboy2 isn’t a whole new library or anything - it started from Arduboy1 afterall. I can’t believe this is that old, but should be almost as simple as changing a few header files, etc.

There’s also deprecated functions that need swapping out, like getInput and start.

(And of course getting it to obey the ‘new’ audio on/off convention would be nice.)

@Dreamer3 Totally didn’t want to discount that you have put work into porting the game and have interest in maintaining it. If you “own” this particular version then feel free to make the needed enhancements. I just thought I would see what could be done with the original source.

I had several different versions of my own actually. The screen layout could have worked fine on 128x64, but was 128x96 using TVOut library. Again, several people have ported the game to other platforms/etc and that is great.

Here was one of the versions:

Technically the original was on the now defunct Google Code:

@Pharap The audio would be much better using ATMLib for sound and yes, having the ability turn on/off the sound would be welcome. It did sound really loud on the VGS/Hackvision, but being that it was on a TV you could always turn the sound down.

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@Pharap and @trodoss good point about the audio. I’ve been playing a lot at night and that would be a nice little feature.

When I started this thread, I wasn’t sure how involved it would get. I appreciate everyones effort to bring this together.

I also respect and give credit to the original creators and people who have put effort into porting it @Dreamer3.

It’s a cool little game and would be awesome to have in the library!


It’s great to see inteeest in this game resurrected, it’s another step closer to completing the Arduboy Arcade library from Kickstarter.


I’ve moved on to other projects, so feel free to take it and do with it what you will. :slight_smile: I just don’t think it should be much effort - at least not to accomplish my original vision.

I really just wanted to add a sidebar (for health and such things) and then I would have called it “done”.

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@Pharap Do you think you could put your version into a hex file for me? At this point, it’s the only way I know to get it on the system.

@trodoss Just wanted to check if you were able to do anything with this. If your short on time, I understand, and don’t want to come off pushy.

I just read the arduboy magazine issue and this was in it. Reminded me.


I got a little sidetracked because I wanted to make the game obey the Arduboy’s sound settings before creating the hex.
I was successful, the game will now respect an Arduboy’s sound settings.

The hex is now available on my github page in the root under the name Elventure-Arduboy.hex.

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Awesome! Much thanks. I’m looking forward to giving this a playthrough!

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I will, but currently am trying to get a different project completed. Great that Dreamer3 and Pharap have been able to get things working in the meantime.

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