Email Notifications

(Simon) #1

Warning: First World Problem ahead

I am involved in a number of sites now and have tried to set up email rules to sort through the various emails and file them into folders.

Other sites - including the Pokitto one have a prefix in the subject line indicating the site name.

[] [PM] Blah blah blah

The Arduboy’s site simply says [Community} and actually clashes with a non-tech site I am involved in.

[Community] [PM] {subject line}

Can this be changed? I have also asked the other site.

(Pharap) #2

Can’t you sort by sender?

Notifications from Arduboy come from
(or in the case of someone on the staff, e.g.,
and notifications from Pokitto come from

(Simon) #3

Possibly … but I want the subject corrected.

(Kevin) #4

This can be changed, good suggestion. I’ll fiddle around with it. Also looking FINALLY getting around to that moderator thing I mentioned before.