Emotional Spectrum


From 1 to 5, 1 being the worst and 5 being the best, what one word human emotions fit within this range? I’d like to crowd source these for a game i’m working on. If you can think of good increments of emotion feel free to go past this range. I started with a range of 5 so it is easier to start with then start finding emotions between.

I’m working on an emotion spectrum myself, but would be very appreciative on any help.


Fear, Skeptical, Hope, Content, Joy.


This isn’t some twisted game, but more trying to foster the want to continue playing and grow the relationship. The more gradual emotions the better the reward as time passes by. With 5 emotions of the entity the time it takes to earn these emotions will take forever. The more emotional spectrum the better.

As time progresses the entity grows to trust you. You can take care of it, but as X time passes without caring for the entity then you lose that trust. If you shut off the game the entity ceases. A morbid game mechanic, but the player has ways of prolonging life by keeping it’s home (Arduboy) charged.


Challenge - Take this info graph and try to properly order them. Just curious how others sort this.

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