Emulating the Arduboy


I want to buy an Arduboy, but first I would like to learn developing a little bit.

Is there any working Arduboy Emulator I can use?

The ones, I found did not work.

I hope you can help me and sorry for my bad english!

What is your OS? There is no chance of a JS emulator being out in short order, but I can get you one that uses SDL. Linux I can have out sooner I would think. Something to load games that exist.

I should note, a public release of what I have has a terrible implementation of sound, so I would probably not include it in the repository at first : )

Expanding on the state of an emulator a bit: at least one exists, but it was based on the old library. Now that versioning is in place and the first major release of the Arduboy lib is out, its a lot easier to construct an environment for developers that included a way to play source on a pc/phone/tablet.

My operating System ist Windows 10 64 Bit. My notebooks OS is Linux Untubu.

I found some JavaScript Emulators on the website but they did not work.

Do I have to wait? Sorry, but I don’t understand your answer completely. :smiley:

Hey EricHier,

Yeah you will have to wait.

The javascript emulators usually do drawing, but I don’t think anyone has made a proper arcade/emulator. You will have to wait a bit.

Okay - Thanks!

Is anyone developing an emulator at the moment?

I have a very old version of the ArduBreakout sketch ported. I’m slowly working on abstracting out what is needed to make is useable for other games. If I had to guess on a timeline, I might release something for Linux in a 4 days and Windows in 7? And probably no audio enabled, but a skeleton in place. It will be on Github as well.

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If you public it, please answer me. I will install it on my Linux netbook. :smiley:


Willllll do, I’m trying to free up a good block of time to push out version … .1 this week.

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Hey @EricHier

Welp, I’ve done it again.

As usual the emulation software, or arcade software for development remains at the top of the list, but at the bottom of the “things on fire” type of tasks which need to come first.

I’ve done some thinking, and with some input and help from @noel_abercrombie, a Community Classifieds section is now open.

I know that this isn’t quite the solution we talked about, but it does offer a more reasonable place to post project ideas or requests that members of the community can deliver on. If only there were a place to post a request…



So maybe post a “want ad” for the type of emulator or feature you are looking for there… I’ll leave this topic in the development : )

Okay - Thanks! :heart: xD

Reporting (qualified) success at starting Arduboy .hex after a couple of hours hacking simavr. I need a simulator/emulator for development and CloudBoy AFAICT is not available yet. Other solutions are for an operating system I do not have access to (or cannot be bothered creating a VM for) i.e. windows.


OK its not Windows but what environment is it? Will it run on a Mac??

The photo in my post was taken on a Mac and Linux should work too.

Excellent … are you looking to make it available to others?

are you looking to make it available to others?

Yes, I will. I have to clean up my changes and push them but I have a busy week ahead so maybe I should just push them as they are for people who are curious… Note that right now the functionality is very limited (no buttons, no serial upload, no LED, no audio) but it should be easy to get LED and buttons working. Serial upload may be easy too as long as USB emulation works fine.


Changes to simavr pushed here simavr-arduboy. The example board should be moved to its own file or its own repository. The latter is more likely because the simavr project probably doesn’t want to maintain a specific board.

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This is great, by the way it compiles and runs perfectly on Win 10


This is going to be really helpful! Thanks for sharing!

Edit: Here’s a GIF!



Wired keyboard to arduboy’s buttons and fixed mcu’s frequency. Will push later in the weekend.


Holy cow. Can someone test Chicken Launcher?