Eprom saves list

I’m worried about using another dev’s eprom save space and wiping a player’s score, Is there, or should there be an eprom list we can add to, so we don’t use the same numbers?

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Having a save list and a utility to add remove saves would be useful, I noticed that when changing between some games and Evade my arduboy name and ID in Evades scores get messed up, for me its just a minor issue but if it became persistent where saves get overwritten and lost it could become annoying.

The info.json file in a .arduboy file defines fields to indicate EEPROM usage for a sketch. A program upload manager or a dedicated utility could extract and parse this information to create a list of EEPROM usage.

There has been discussion on using this info for a standard file format for saving and restoring EEPROM data. (But, like anything concerning EEPROM standardisation, it hasn’t really gone anywhere.)


Backup and restore of EEPROM sounds like the most practical method of preserving persistent data when changing games.