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(Simon) #81

No arguments … it would be cool to get the IP address for some geolocation lookup. See who is downloading the apps and it would allow you to filter out the web crawlers.

(Erwin) #82

Yes, but additionally it would be nice to do some filtering about abuses, like imagine an user using a proxy list making one of the games really popular :stuck_out_tongue:

(Erwin) #83

From [idea] A website with all arduboy games, any interest? :

Now vote for your favorite games :slight_smile:

You need one of these networks to make your vote counts:

Uses the awesome widget from:

If someone wants to go wild: we eventually are going to need:

  • Wall of fame/rating sorter
  • Reviews (another plugin from widgetpack?)

(Erwin) #84

What do you think about the new RATING system with start?

  • I like to have the option to rate games, keep it
  • I like it, but I also want text reviews with the rates
  • I do not care
  • I dislike it, remove it

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[idea] A website with all arduboy games, any interest?
(Simon) #85

@eried your site is fantastic and I wish it would become the ‘official’ Arduboy site. Doing this would allow the moderators of the community site to also moderate the comments added to the rating system. In this way, nasty comments could be removed if necessay.