Eried's Unofficial Repository :)

It’s this project primarily. It’s just another homemade Arduboy (though quite a well made one).

Question on cleaning up the repo for use with the FX (and ArduManFX).

There’s been a lot of extensive work in making FX compatible title screens for each game (at least those in the Gold Cart). I was trying to figure out a good way to submit a PR to the repo to accommodate this. These are the two methods I thought of:

  • Replace all banner images with a proper FX compatible image.
  • Add the FX compatible image as the first screenshot (no games currently have screenshots).

There’s also a lot of newer games that haven’t been added to the repo. As I finalize ArduManFX and possibly incorporate the FX title images into the repo I could also add as many of these as I can locate. If they don’t have an FX title image I should be able to make one using a screenshot easily enough (simply removing any menu options so it doesn’t look like the game is already running).

I like this format and since we don’t have any FX enabled games yet (ones that have data files) I’ll go ahead and setup ArduManFX to use expect this method for now, unless anyone has a better alternative.

When I do the update to the repo it might be a good idea to re-organize the categories to match those from the Gold Cart.

As it stands I’m almost done with the FX cart building routines (allowing games from within the repo and games not in the repo). There’s also the ability to export a .FX (compressed json file) that will embed any files not in the repo so it can be distributed to others (who can then use it as a base and add/remove stuff as they see fit).

I’ve got a little bit of time on my hands at the moment and am hoping to really push myself to get ArduManFX finalized (at least as far as managing FX carts). Additional features will be implemented as I have time.


My original idea was to make a gif of each game so I made a macro with some button presses (3 set of them) and then I was going to select one of the 3 gif recorded by the emulator.

After a while I figured out that it was a gigantic problem to deal with, because the emulator had issues being consistent generating the gif, etc so I aborted the idea.

So, go ahead with any cleanup :slight_smile:

or maybe fx.png could be specific for using in the FX games? then if people do not add that one, they wont get it listed on the FX but new people is not forced to anything extra

Looking over the different options for enhancing ArduManFX’s support for this repo. Currently I’m downloading the json file pointed to on the website, then parsing it and downloading all necessary hex files, images, and FX data (if present). However, it might actually work out better to instead use something like libgit2 (possibly libqgit2 since it’s libgit2 with Qt wrappers) and then simply update the local copy with the master repo. Looking over the repo I should actually be able to parse it as is without needing the json file. The parsing would be something like:

  • Folders in the root folder are categories (except the ‘docs’ folder)
  • Folders inside the categories are games (one folder per game and one game per folder)
  • There should only be a single HEX file which will be marked as the game
  • If FX data is present it should be a DAT file (since BIN is used for compiled flash carts it would be good to avoid using the same extension to lessen accidental uploads of whole flash carts).
  • Category/Game/game.ini has things like the title, author, and description (and the id used for the ratings is simple and clever "id"=>substr(md5($author . '_' . $title),2,6)
  • All images can be classed as screenshots (if only one image is present then it’ll be the banner image otherwise I could try and determine the correct image). If an fx.png is present it will serve as the title image for the ArduManFX UI as well as the title image for the FX UI.
  • Being able to easily generate the game ids from the contents of game.ini will make it possible to still include the user ratings for each game.

Currently the repo updater doesn’t actually populate the screenshots array for each game, nor does it have anyway to detect FX enabled games. If I switch to using the raw git repo then downloading a cache of the latest updates would be a lot faster as it won’t be downloading each individual hex/image files one at a time.

With all of that it means I will be able to clone the repo and work on adding all the appropriate fx.png images as well as comb through any new games released that haven’t been added yet. This also makes it so people can provide their own repos by simply creating a new folder and structuring it the same (later a handy GUI will be made to manage local repos).


Encountering some interesting issues with the repo (all are being fixed as I’m doing a massive update to the repo to better support the new FX mod).

Notable issues:

  • Games with no title: some games don’t specify a title parameter in the game.ini file. While not a major issue as my ArduManFX tool defaults to the game’s folder name if no title is present, it would be better to have consistency across all games.
  • Images saved with the wrong file extension: Surprisingly I’m actually encountering a number of images saved with the .png extension that are actually BMPs, GIFs, and a couple JPGs. A tool such as pngcrush can help make sure the images are properly formatted png images.

While I’m updating the repo (mostly to add some new games and add the FX images) I was thinking it would be a good idea to re-organize the categories to match the ones from the gold cart.

I think it would be a good idea, but are those categories now standard?. I still need to work on the github updater :confused: because github changed the way to access stuff and every time I generate a repo update I get some email warnings about deprecation of api access…

Not sure, but there was a lot of discussion on them for the Gold Cart so I figured it’d be a good place to start. Though looking at how your updater determines the category based on the folder name and I’ve got ArduManFX setup to do the same it wouldn’t be difficult to add/remove categories. I kind of figured if a category starts to get a bit too many games it can always be split into multiple categories.

The way I’ve setup ArduManFX is the user can manually move a game to a different category, otherwise it will stay in whatever category it currently is in the repo (including adjusting if the category changes).

Well the only slight changes I’m doing is adding an fx.png image for the FX loader image and an anything.dat file for FX data if a game utilizes the FX mod for more data.

It seems that by selecting “Play in emulator” on the website, the emulator runs, but the game does not ( Is this my local problem or something really broke?

it seems the emulator is down, or maybe is github? or related to facebook/instagram/whatsapp being down? (for some reason…)

the emulator is down (

CORS strikes again. Looks like the CDN is down, maybe it’ll come back up on its own.
If it doesn’t come back soon I’ll try making it access github directly again.

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There was a CORS proxy setup by @unwiredben on his AWS but I was supposed to set up an instance.

Did that get shutoff I can try to set it up again.

The emulator seems to be working for the forum: I went to a post, CatMines - A minesweeper clone for the Arduboy, and saw the emulator running fine. I use Firefox almost exclusively, but when I checked the network requests, I saw the emulator directly pulling the .hex file from the Discourse storage, not going through my proxy. I just tried the same page on Chrome 94 and it also worked.

When I did that same inspection on
ProjectABE - Arduboy Emulator, I hit an issue. The fetch request for starts, but never returns any data.

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More info, it could be related to some services flagging as malicious. I saw this issue - insecure · Issue #1533 · uBlockOrigin/uBlock-issues · GitHub where it’s suggested to use instead.

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Apparently is also somehow related to CloudFlare (I’m presuming CloudFlare operate it?), so it possibly could be related to the CloudFlare issue that hit Facebook et al? (Which was in turn caused by changes to the configuration of their routers using the border gateway protocol.)

Amazing work! But when I try to download 101 star ships, it says this: Error (4xx)
We can’t find the page you’re looking for.

maybe it’s time to add the fine games from TeamARG to the online collection?


4 more games for 300 :sparkles:

this could push it to the limit


I’m sure it’s fine to put the teamarg games on there, its for posterity.

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They’re open source, so as long as the licence notice is provided with them, @eried is well within his rights to host them, as is absolutely anyone (who sticks to the rules).

[…] without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software […] subject to the following conditions:

The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.


However, it would be a very good idea to remove links to the Team ARG website first.

Otherwise we’re going to end up with some rather annoyed people who were sent to a dodgy website.