Eried's Unofficial Repository :)

oh… right. Cant change it anymore because the post is too old but true, it is confusing. The thing is that the repo is a “generic source”, not really related with the method you use to upload the games.

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Its all good man. This is great. Ive just tried like 5 games out. I really like mayq. Thanks for doing this man

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First up, i think it’s great to see what is, as far as I know, the most complete Arduboy repo available - nice work! :slight_smile:

Sooo… (not that I’m obsessed with numbers or anything :face_with_raised_eyebrow:), but I was curious if you would consider (if you had the data) providing download stats for each of the games? I’m basically just inquisitive about how many players there are our there… might be a neat feature to have a sort of ‘what’s hot’ type chart…

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One problem would be that people like me who may download the same game multiple times across multiple devices although some stats would be interesting. I’m sure many dev’s would be interested to see what’s popular or trending it would also be nice to see how much use arduboys are getting and some regional info.

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I do not have any tracking, ads, etc implemented in the site. :frowning:

However, everyone is welcomed to help. For example I think adding a redirection in the links here:

could make for a simple static stat counter.

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Ah, fair enough - It’s probably not worth it if you don’t have the data to hand (not that I want to discourage any people with much more technical knowledge than me on such matters from giving it a go!).

dumb question time, ive never loaded a game onto my arduboy without first compiling it, can i use the ide to load hex files?

Not directly. But in the IDE files you can find avrdude.exe. You can use that

If you’re using Windows and you know where your copy of avrdude.exe is and what COM port your Arduboy is on/uploads from you can use this little batch script that I wrote.

If you don’t know where avrdude.exe is or what port your Arduboy uses for upload, they’re easy enough to find out.

Other alteratives can be found on this thread.

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Hi, I pushed few updates to the repo:

  1. The json now contains date and other stuff. I want to add a search engine and sorting options, so this was the first step, also @FManga asked for it for his emulator.
  2. There is around 160 games now!
  3. Added a link to @FManga’s emulator, author name and source code :smiley:


Thanks, both for the extra data and for the emulator link!
Btw, the “Play in emulator” button currently downloads the emulator instead of opening it.

oh crap, that not happened on Firefox. It should be fixed now.

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Now the repo has filtering and other features thanks to @FManga

Check it out!

PS: There are 164 games already! :star_struck:


Hrm, that game on the right looks good. :P

Seriously though, good work both of you.

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That seems to be the new tradition here :sweat_smile:

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What can I say, @filmote’s a bad influence :P.
(And he probably would have said the same thing if I hadn’t got there first.)

Damn it … I didn’t notice.

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I noticed a lot of games are listed as author unknown yet clicking on unknown takes you to the authors post or git.

I also noticed “Cascade Path by batesle” is that what we should call Kevin in in a tutu with fairy wings?


Yeah, the author field was a later addition to the repo (forced by @FManga), so older games do not have that info.

The good news is that you can become a prestigious member of the group of people that added and fixed stuff following few simple rules.

Basically, fork the repo, edit the game.ini files and pull the changes.

You can blame @FManga for that. All the first author names were scrapped by him. But we can continue with good news, anyone can fix that too :slight_smile:



While we’re at it, looks like the Hopper url is broken. If I get some time and nobody beats me to it, I’ll fix those and do some more name/sourceUrl scraping.

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