Eried's Unofficial Repository :)

It is fixed now, I didn’t noticed that hopper file was invalid when I uploaded it. If you can scrape names, that would be wonderful.

I started working on a scraper macro to automate that because it felt extremely boring to do that manually, but did’t finished anything. I would love to get to that in the future, like addgame.exe Action "

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Hrm, maybe there’s a way to leverage Project ABE to validate hex files before they’re uploaded to the repo?

Part of the problem with that is that people host games in different ways.

That said, generating some of the content from a .arduboy file might be a good way to fill in author/genre etc.

True, but simpler rules are already preventing that (i.e. Arduboy Uploader rejected that file because those simpler rules) so it might be overkill to use Project ABE for validation.

Yes. The issue is that some people don’t even care to create the hex file, and you want arduboy files to be the source :stuck_out_tongue: … as a challenge try to create one and get it to work in the available uploaders and tools, it is a mess. If I had to create the arduboy file, the repo would contain like 2 games.

I’ve done a test pull on some missing authors in /Action

Kevins post links to arduboychris as author for cascade path btw

For validation alone, yes. It could facilitate screenshot generation while it’s at it.

@eried: does your host have node.js? I could make a CLI version of ProjectABE… it’d be simpler than making the input automation tab we talked about previously.

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Great! it should be up now

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I’m wondering if its better to scrap the folders having the git just store games A-Z and manage the categories with tags. for example @filmote’s choplifter is currently in Action by using tags it would fit in Arcade / Shooter / Shmup categories.

I was expecting Dark and Under to be in RPG and not Action but if there was RPG / Adventure/ Dungeon/ tags I could then pick between MayQ and other dungeon crawlers aswell.

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Depends how simple those rules are.
At minimum I can think you’d need to check the length of the file and make sure there’s no invalid opcodes or opcode-operand pairs.

True, though I think part of that is because people have to manually write the .arduboy files in a lot of cases instead of there being some sort of UI for generating them.

Perhaps a sort of UI-based thingy or online upload form could kill three birds with one stone: validate the input, generate a .arduboy and generate the files needed for adding to your repo. (If you can’t bypass the github phase then I’m sure making a bot account to do the PRs would be possible.)

That’s partly my fault. I was the one who added it and frankly I can’t even remember how/why I picked ‘Action’, by that point the three of us were worn out from having been discussing and working on D&U for weeks on end (and instead of taking a few days off like the other two I foolishly decided to enter the game jam and make a game in 2 days).

It is an option, yes. The current design is not because a careful research or anything, I just copied the categories list from the .arduboy json description and everything was driven by what is the easiest (game.ini thing appeared after that).

The wonderful news is that if anyone feels adventurous, he can fork the repo and create a new branch with that style and replace the parser. If that works, it will became the new repo :smiley:

Length varies and practically every sketch has a large amount of invalid opcodes. Data is mixed with code and you can’t tell what is what by looking at the hex. Either you actually run the code or you inspect the ELF file.

@eried have you looked into putting the repo.json in github? If that can be done in PHP, then it would also be possible to upload games without using git. Maybe an online form with ProjectABE in an iframe for validation & screenshots.

Yes, but there’s certainly a maximum size for an Arduboy hex file.

Normally executable code formats put all the data in a section that’s separate from the actual code.
Do Arduino hex files not keep data and code in separate sections?

That should be possible, that’s the sort of thing github and oath ‘apps’ are designed for:

No, I haven’t :confused: and my server does not run node.js

The ELF has well-defined sections. Hex files… generally start with code, then data, then more code… with nothing indicating what is what.

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Well, that’s unfortunate.

Thanks to @alexgleason, now we have the licenses listed on the entries:

And thanks to @FManga today we reached 174 games.

And I used @filmote’s Karateka game, because I know he loves seeing his game entries.


Sure do! I get excited for me every time !!!


Now all it needs is to be able to do is to automatically update by scanning peoples’ github repos.

True, and some verification process over the source code to flag unsafe eeprom access, etc.

Long way to go yet, but I still remember the frustration when in May 2017 got my first Arduboy and there was no curated repo and it was super painful to test games quickly.


Another update, thanks to @alexgleason we have a filtering for Libre games, so for example if you have a fetish for Libre, Action games that appeared the last weeks you can feed your addiction easily now:


New tiny feature + total games update:

Thanks to @Pharap we have the total of games… and we have 188 now! :smiley: