Erwin's Circuit Dude Level Tiny Contest

I think you should post a box of snow as the prize. Not everyone gets to see snow.


That gives me an idea.

I’m going to wait until December when the salt trucks are out (assuming the council can actually be bothered to send them out without having to be reminded),
scoop up some of the grit-and-sleet mush from the roads and offer that up as a competition prize.
I bet there are lots of places that don’t get to experience grit-and-sleet mush. :P

Failing that I’ll send a box of faggots, spotted dick, black pudding and tripe. :P

It still amuzes me to see the “business” of snow. Giant trucks carrying snow and dumping them to the sea, it is almost from a comedy sketch. I know there is not another efficient solution but it is still funny.

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As I planned, the candy arrived on Halloween day to @Revlis house. Thread closed.