Evade 2 - Arduboy's first space flight sim

(Jay Garcia) #1

We made a sequel of our side-scrolling space shooter as a holiday gift to our friends, family and the Arduboy community.

Source: https://github.com/ModusCreateOrg/evade2
Play online (sans audio) here:

Thank you @FManga for the awesome emu!

Best way to upload is the following:

  • Clone the repo:
  • Connect your arduboy & turn it on
  • (on mac & ubuntu linux, execute) cal.sh – Short for “Compile and load”
    – when prompted, press the reset button on your device.

To fit as much as possible into the game, we had to forego the USB libraries, which means to re-flash your device, you have to follow the standard reset procedure (not flashlight mode).
Use this guide to re-flash your Arduboy after you install Evade 2:

We filled the device to the brim to make this release possible:
Program size is 28672 bytes (100%) of a maximum 28,672 bytes!

First first-person Flight simulator for the Arduboy.
3 x enemies
3 x “Aces” (think bosses)
11 total songs
Space Balls (don’t crash into them!)
Smooth scalable vector graphics

Hex file:


Instruction insert (FRONT)

Instruction insert (BACK)

How To Use Flashlight Mode To Fix Bricked Arduboys
I cannot upload new game
(Felipe Manga) #2

I really need to work on audio support. This game’s awesome!

(Jay Garcia) #3

I’d enlist my help but your knowledge of the ATMel chip internals far surpass my abilities.


I’ve got some experience with Web Audio, however =)


Amazing stuff. The vector movements are super smooth, pretty much executed to perfection, congratulations and thanks!

(Jay Garcia) #5

Thank you =).

We thought about going the sprite approach and decided to forego for a much smoother vectors. I credit that decision to our lead architect, Mike Schwartz =)

(Kevin) #6

Use this guide to re-flash your Arduboy after installing Evade 2:

(Pharap) #7

Given that the uploading of this game has been causing people issues, perhaps a big bold “do not attempt to load this unless you are confident with reflashing your Arduboy using the reset button” message would be a good idea.

(I know there’s already a bold message, but apparently people are assuming the reset procedure is easy and doesn’t require carefully honed timing, or are thinking it’s normal.)

(Scott R) #8

People should also check their reset button works before uploading - the one on my green Kickstarter is faulty.

(Jay Garcia) #9

After installing Evade 2; a simple press of the reset button when the device is already on and plugged in seems to work.

(Mingye Wang) #10

Cool 3D game!

Is there a way to invert Y controls in Evade 2? Those settings tend to make flight games match better with an untrained human’s reflexes…

(Scott R) #11

Without looking through all the code you can probably reverse UP_BUTTON and DOWN_BUTTON
in Controls.h




Actually I fixed this by opening and operating a few times with my thumb it seems thin objects like paper clips and sim tools can offset the pusher a little causing it to stick maybe something a little fatter like a blunt half of a cocktail stick will work better.


Don’t forget that with the last update you can soft reset into the bootloader by pressing LEFT+UP+A+B for two seconds.

(Scott R) #13

Or just flash your bootloader and hold down :grin:

(Pharap) #14

For what it’s worth, I use the tip of a mechanical pencil.

Most 0.5mm mechnical pencils (with a metal tip) have a similar size nib which works incredibly well.
If you make sure there’s no lead sticking out the end then it’s usually thin enough to get in the hole, wide enough to press the whole button down and blunt enough to do no damage.

(Jay Garcia) #15

Paper clips tend to work well too. :slight_smile:

(Kevin) #16

Sim eject tool is my preferred solution. Just don’t force it, the button can break off if you press too hard!


What part of the source code would I edit to change the nose controls? I honestly dislike the inverted y-axis

(Scott R) #18

In Controls.h




(Kevin) #19

Evade 2 is now featured prominently on the Arduboy homepage!



(Jay Garcia) #20

Awesome. What was the criterion for this? :blush: