Evade 2 - Arduboy's first space flight sim

Excuse me, but i’ma a noob with Arduino.
How can i connect my Arduboy with Arduino software ?

I didn’t realize you used Arduboy Game Manager

For Getting started with Arduino check out Make Your Own Arduboy Game: Part 1 - Setting Up Your Computer

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I have made it.
Thanks again


what can i do to make the instructional video in the original post more clear for resetting an arduboy after installing this game?


Is there a way to turn sound off?

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Through code only. IIRC, the main file has a preprocessor directive that you can use to disable all sound.

Haven’t seen anything even CLOSE to it…
Damn, that’s awesome.
But it might be a bit overkill and confusing (very confusing) at first.
Great job!
But yeah, such big game means you can’t have flash light mode and not even a sound menu


Since i’m fairly new to the arduboy and familiar with very little programming, i was wondering is there a place where there are step by step instructions on how i can download this game to my arduboy?

There’s a guide for uploading hex files using community-made tools here:


There’s a guide for how to compile from source code here:


Be warned that Evade2 is harder to remove than a normal Arduboy game.
You have to use this special procedure:

I would advise trying a different game first and coming back to this one later.


I love the flipping Evade 2 (and can’t think of a reason for it to stop flipping)
release some PROGMEM by not having it stop flipping…
I like the effect, But I don’t feel comfortable with the flipping “Get Ready”…
Maybe a flickering(if too complicated, “booting”) HUD at the beginning is better.

That seems overkill.

That seems enough but think we can have a bit more.

Appreciate effort, nice game, maybe overkill but is ok
'cause I like it.


Feel free not to enjoy it.


@CDR_Xavier you really need to consider what you are saying before pressing the reply button.


really very well done!

After I downloaded Evade 2 my usb port option has disappeared from the ports menu. Is that normal? I’m trying to follow the video for how to load a different game and I don’t quite understand it. I downloaded Visual Studio Code to run the cal.sh file from the evade2 folder but I can’t do much if Arduino is not recognising my usb port. Can anyone make this process more clear for me?

Easiest way would be to use the reset button. When the reset is pressed it enters the bootloader mode for a few seconds. If timed correctly you can flash a new game within that time limit.

Sorry to hear that you have troubles. Have you seen the procedure in the first post? Timing can be tricky, but the procedure should work.

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Oh hey, I got it working! Just a case of getting the timing right on the reset. Guess I was just confused by that additional program the guy had running in the video, I thought it was more complicated than it actually was. Thanks!


Game is great, music is amazing. I would also like to invert UP and DOWN buttons.