Evade 2 - Arduboy's first space flight sim

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Through code only. IIRC, the main file has a preprocessor directive that you can use to disable all sound.


Haven’t seen anything even CLOSE to it…
Damn, that’s awesome.
But it might be a bit overkill and confusing (very confusing) at first.
Great job!
But yeah, such big game means you can’t have flash light mode and not even a sound menu

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Since i’m fairly new to the arduboy and familiar with very little programming, i was wondering is there a place where there are step by step instructions on how i can download this game to my arduboy?

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There’s a guide for uploading hex files using community-made tools here:


There’s a guide for how to compile from source code here:


Be warned that Evade2 is harder to remove than a normal Arduboy game.
You have to use this special procedure:

I would advise trying a different game first and coming back to this one later.

EVADE - side scrolling space shooter
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I love the flipping Evade 2 (and can’t think of a reason for it to stop flipping)
release some PROGMEM by not having it stop flipping…
I like the effect, But I don’t feel comfortable with the flipping “Get Ready”…
Maybe a flickering(if too complicated, “booting”) HUD at the beginning is better.

That seems overkill.

That seems enough but think we can have a bit more.

Appreciate effort, nice game, maybe overkill but is ok
'cause I like it.

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Feel free not to enjoy it.

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@CDR_Xavier you really need to consider what you are saying before pressing the reply button.

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really very well done!

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After I downloaded Evade 2 my usb port option has disappeared from the ports menu. Is that normal? I’m trying to follow the video for how to load a different game and I don’t quite understand it. I downloaded Visual Studio Code to run the cal.sh file from the evade2 folder but I can’t do much if Arduino is not recognising my usb port. Can anyone make this process more clear for me?

(Stephane C) #51

Easiest way would be to use the reset button. When the reset is pressed it enters the bootloader mode for a few seconds. If timed correctly you can flash a new game within that time limit.

(Jay Garcia) #52

Sorry to hear that you have troubles. Have you seen the procedure in the first post? Timing can be tricky, but the procedure should work.

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(Micah) #54

Oh hey, I got it working! Just a case of getting the timing right on the reset. Guess I was just confused by that additional program the guy had running in the video, I thought it was more complicated than it actually was. Thanks!