EVADE - side scrolling space shooter

(curly) #9

awfully large file, bigger than the rest of my arduboy games combined

(Scott) #10

That’s because it contains tools and other things used to develop the game. You only need the files in the arduboy-game folder.


Great work, good game, a new favorite. Hoping to see more from you guys.


Just noticed how old this post is. My bad

(Scott R) #13

Bumping old topics seems all the rage around here I don’t even look at dates no more …

It’s one of my favourites too the game is well polished and the documentation is fantastic.

(Celine) #14

A little bird told me that @JayGarcia (Modus Create) has plans for another game this year :slight_smile:

(Simon) #15

Can’t wait … its been too long between releases!


Will be looking forward to whatever they come up with.

(Jay Garcia) #17

Thanks for the kind words folks.

Here’s quick teaser on how we’ll be advancing the experience using a better sound gen tool for our next game:



Love it! Brings me back to the heydays of zx spectrum chiptunes ala Martin Galway (terra cresta, cobra) et al.

(Jay Garcia) #19

We are 95% done with the sequel. We are currently in refinement mode and are set to blow some socks off with this release. :blush:

Here is a song that we have put into the code base:

(Kyle) #20

Still my go to game! Finally got a good highscore 42,000. Not sure how great that is but better than I have been! Thank you for creating! More people should check it out!


i have a problem i cant anymor upload any games after upload evade

(Simon) #22

I am not sure whether Evade supports flashlight mode - have you tried that? Also, have you tried pressing the rest button when uploading from the IDE??

(Pharap) #23

Evade or Evade2?

Have you tried using the reset button?

(Kyle) #24

Flashlight Mode works with Evade. What is the issue you are having exactly?

(Jay Garcia) #25

Are you referring to Evade 2? EVADE was made with Arduboy2 and we didn’t break any space saving rules :wink:


Evade 2

I was wrong it was Evade 2 and not Evade

(Pharap) #27

See here.


i did it.
thank everyone :slight_smile: