ExolonFX - new project (demo version)

I would like to show my new project. It is a conversion of a great game from zx spectrum - Exolon.
Now it is very advanced demo version.
Demo features:
Playable 33 levels. - full version will have 125 levels.
Levels 33 - 49 - only blank boards with no opponents
Required FX

How to play:
UP - jump
DOWN - crouch
LEFT - go to left
RIGHT - go to right
BUTTON A - fire
BUTTON A (hold) - launch rocket.
in the teleport - UP key takes you to the second teleport.

Options on the title screen:
LEFT or RIGHT - select level
DOWN - disable/enable sounds
UP - enable/disable cheat mode

ExolonFX_Demo_1.arduboy (43.5 KB)

If you find any issue, please let me know.
Have fun!


I loved that game on the speccy. Great to see it being ported on Arduboy! :+1: Will give the demo a try!

This looks really good.

I did not know the original game but I like the graphics you have used (or repurposed?)

It was one of the best Speccy games of all time! Do you plan to make the source code of this game available? I would like to port it for ESPboy )

Graphics is taken from zx spectrum version. Only converted to b/w.
The source will be open like in all my arduboy games. But it is not a masterpiece of code :wink:
It is nice that you would like port my game for ESPboy. I hope it works.


Very nice. I like result. The games done recently have amazing quality. Well done to all.

In the original Exolon game on zx spectrum the astronaut went from one edge of the screen to the other and then the whole screen changed. There was no horizontal scrolling because the performance of the ZX platform was not enough to do it smoothly.
Arduboy allows us to make smooth horizontal scrolling and thus the whole level could be passed in this way. I suppose it would be more logical than mixing the methods of changing the screen scrolling + full redrawing )

Maybe next time, next game, maybe “Exolon deluxe” :slight_smile: For me, Exolon must be divided to zones.
Even Amiga version looks the same.
Also, changing this would require, a rewrite of the entire engine which is almost done.


full version: ExolonFX - shooter/platform game