You are Factor-9.

The Entity is dying you, Factor-9, must descend to the nucleolus to save it. You are our last hope! Godspeed little buddy.

Factor_9_5_02.ino.hex (75.3 KB)

Source code:

If anyone is curious about how I made the graphics. I used the basic objects from the 3D graphics program Blender. I cropped and edited in Pixelformer. Resized and ditherd to black and white with this online tool Ditherit. And of-couse used this handy tool Image Converter by team ARG to convert the images! Thanks guys!


gosh that was surreal, really cool!

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Thank you, glad you liked it!

Wow, this is great! I love the whole 3D vibe and the shading and stuff! Perfect timing too since I’m learning about cells right now.

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Yeah it’s supposed to be like you are an enzyme or protein navigating into the nucleolus of a cell. (not scientifically accurate) ha ha

If you are into this stuff check this out, it’s pretty wild:


Wow, what an awesome looking game!


Love your 3D engine BTW! It’s taking Arduboy to the next level.

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this is my first time browsing the community games not preloaded on the arduboy and that was interesting I didnt know what was going on at first but figured it out with trial and error, I do have to wonder what is it that your showing on the death screen and the start screen?

Awesome game. Runs very smoothly. Amazing 3-D look in such a small memory space. Two questions- how do I enable sound? And what is the general goal of the game?

You normally can mute / unmute the device by holing the B button when powering it on. While continuing to hold B, press up to enable and down to disable.

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OK I found the issue. I flashed the EPROM by mistake, so booting the Arduboy and holding A and UP_ARROW re-enabled sound.

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Thanks for the help and you are correct, it is the B key to hold down.