Fake Arduboy has Display Problems

I have no idea

looks like that display is a SH1106 instead of a SSD1306.

Nice clone BTW where did you get it?or did you build it yourself?

Yes … what is that clone? It looks good.

This is a clone rare available on aliexpress I have 10 of them. They are decently made but I also have no idea what that problem is.

Bugs the hell out of me they didn’t peel the white tab off the speaker, they are all like that.

Or maybe it’s taobao I can’t find it any more.

They have expansion port on the bottom which is very nice.

I guess that would add an extra 0.025c per unit.

If a worker could peel a tab off every 2 seconds and was paid $10 per hour, it would cost 0.556¢ per tab, which is 22 times more than your guess.

What if we can get it down to 1 second

I suspect most are paid half that amount. Regardless, even at 0.5c it still cheap.

They have two hands, they could do two at once.

Technically only takes two fingers to grab a tab … so that’s up from 2 to 4 at once :wink:


You could use your teeth as well.

I am beginning to think these workers are not thinking it through.

Hell, why not have them peeling the tabs off with their toes while they’re at it? :rofl:

Now you’re just being silly. No one is that coordinated.