Fanboat: Dodge the Gators!


Behold, FANBOAT: the greatest Swamp-Skimmer-Simulator ever conceived, unless you count Half-Life 2. That one’s better.

Dodge gators on your propeller-powered pontoon as it rages faster and faster across the big black bayou. If you can pick up juice for your grandfather’s old shield generator, you can pass right through the congregation as long as it’s powered up.


I’m not sure why but I can’t get codebender to load it to my unit. It works just fine from the arduino desktop app. It’s just the one .ino file now, so it should be easy to load up regardless.


great one! thank you,sir :+1:

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Trying to use gives the error

In file included from (sketch file) Fanboat.ino:10:
In file included from (library file) Arduboy/Arduboy.h:4:
(library file) Arduboy/utility/core.h:6:10: fatal error: 'SPI.h' file not found
#include <SPI.h>
1 error generated.

I can’t find reference to SPI.h in the code

just use arduino IDE 1.6.8+ and it works flawless :relieved:

I tried adding #include "SPI.h" which removed that error, but then it asked for EEPROM.h. including this brought up a series of EEPROM related errors.

Currently stuck on Chromebook so Codebender is my only option till I get back to my desktop.

so it seems you need to wait to get your desktop back :wink:

Right, I’ve had no trouble with it but codebender requests some includes. Adding those throws up loads of other errors, so I haven’t yet gotten it going there. I’ll keep working on it though, thanks for checking it out.

Thank you very much. cool game